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Things to Do on Christmas Day

Christmas is just around the corner, and since we’re likely to be permitted to visit family and friends, a lot of us want to make the most of it. The long build-up and huge anticipation for Christmas Day can result in the actual day lacking excitement slightly. In order to avoid this, you might want to ensure that you have plenty of activities in place to keep you entertained. The most important aspect of Christmas is spending time with your loved ones and with the right activities you can be certain that everyone will bond and have a great time.

Open Presents

The present opening procedure differs from household to household; some families open them first thing in the morning, others hold off until after dinner. Whenever your household opens their presents, it’s an integral feature of the day. This isn’t because of the notion of receiving extravagant gifts, but rather, it’s about displaying thought, care, and appreciation for your loved ones.

Make Wreaths

These days, you can buy either real or artificial wreaths to sit upon your front door, however, making your own is unmatched. A creative Christmas Day activity might involve the whole family gathered around the table to make their very own wreath. You could even take a walk in the morning to gather your materials or do this ahead of the big day.

If you’re particularly gifted in the creative department, you can make the frame yourself. However, if crafting isn’t your bag, you can purchase wicker or wire frames as foundations for your wreath. Once you have this basic shape, you can add your foliage to make your very own wreath.

Watch Christmas Movies

Christmas movies radiate positivity and really capture what Christmas is all about; generosity, selflessness, and love. What better way to get yourself into the festive spirit than to cozy up in front of the TV with a hot chocolate or mulled wine and watch Christmas movies? From It’s a Wonderful Life to Miracle on 34th Street, the list of Christmas movies is endless for the whole family to enjoy.

Build a Gingerbread House

Building a gingerbread house is both a creative and delicious festive activity for the whole family to get involved in. You can buy gingerbread house building kits or, if you’re up to the challenge, you can bake the pieces yourself from scratch, construct, and decorate your very own gingerbread house. Once your house is complete, you can enjoy it as a tasty dessert after the Christmas dinner.

Make Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas ornaments are extremely wholesome and make your tree look so authentic. The whole family can get creative to craft their own Christmas ornaments, encouraging bonding, and resulting in unique tree hangings.

Have Christmas Dinner

Food is a huge part of many religious festivals, not just Christmas alone. For example, in the Islamic faith, eating before Eid prayer is an important religious practice. Over time, Christmas has become less of a religious festival and more of a cultural celebration. Despite this, food and dining together are still huge components of Christmas Day. Traditionally, a succulent turkey will sit in the center of the table, ready to be carved, surrounded by all the trimmings. Indulging in pigs in blankets, stuffing, and Brussels sprouts is one of the most significant parts of Christmas Day.

In addition to the food, this is typically the time where Christmas crackers will be pulled, colorful paper hats will be worn, and jokes will be shared. Dinner time is the moment of calm amongst the storm of Christmas Day and it’s a favorite of many.

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