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Plan Ahead: Father’s Day Gifts for Fathers To Be

The feeling of becoming a father for the first time is very overwhelming. But fathers of this generation are well equipped for fatherhood. The recent fathers get well prepared in taking care of the new-born. Fathers can be just as good as mothers when it comes to recognizing the needs of the baby and responding accordingly.

Although, how a father reacts and accommodates with their new-born, is much different from that of the mother. But when the child responds to a different reaction, it teaches them social skills.

To have such an amazing experience of fatherhood, it is important to make sure that you and your partner are capable of becoming parents. Couples nowadays choose to become parents at an older age. The reason for that is to have better financial stability, more maturity and better socially secure grounds to raise their child. But what couples do not tend to understand is that after a certain age conceiving can get difficult for the couple. There are many reasons such as lower sperm production, irregular ovulation, less sperm movement, etc.

Although couples can get the best sperm count test and find out whether any partner is infertile. Or how fertile both partners are and get suggestions on what is the best way of conceiving. Couples can take preventive measures or fertility-boosting methods to increase their chances.

Sadly, in our generation, the sperm counts of men have more than halved in the past 40 years. And the sperm quality of men decreases at an increasing level. So, it gets harder and harder for men to stay fertile after the approximate after 35 years.

There are causes of infertility in women too. But one in every seven couples cannot conceive, and 30-50% of the time, it is due to male infertility.

Every 8 months, the male hormone produces a genetic mutation that is carried down to their children. Hence, it is best to freeze the youngest and healthiest sperms.

There can be various reasons that cause infertility in men and women:

  • The most common being age. With the increase in age, irregular ovulation in women and declining sperm levels in men can cause problems while conceiving.
  • Other reasons are high levels of intake of alcohol and cigarette by both male and/or female.
  • Inadequate amount of hormones produced in men and women.
  • Being overweight, underweight, etc.

If you wish to become a parent at a later time in life, it is best to freeze your eggs and sperm before they become infertile or less active. Planning for parenting is an important part of parenting itself. It is important to plan a proper life before diving into parenthood. Planning includes considering your financial stability, social background, work-life balance, etc. along with your fertility, chances of giving a healthy birth, and the mental and physical health of your child.

You might consider it best to become a parent once you are financially well-secured. But that might take a longer time than you would expect. In such cases, freezing of your sperms and eggs can help with a healthy baby once you decide you are ready.

The process of freezing your eggs is quite straight. The patient will be given hormonal treatments for 8-10 days, followed by aspiration of eggs under anesthesia. Then the eggs are frozen for fertility preservation purposes.

Frozen tissues, in case of sperm freezing, can remain viable and in good quality for up to 12 years. It helps patients in various situations, like patients who are undergoing chemo or radiation therapy, or testicular surgery, etc.

Parenthood is much more of a responsibility than just becoming parents. The healthy birth and growth of a child also depend on the parents. So, it is better to plan ahead for life.

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