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9 Unique Gifts For The 30th Anniversary

Finding true love is quite a blessing, and to stay in it for three decades is close to a miracle. In this case, though you could be celebrating as a couple it is also possible that the joy could be for your parents, yes, true love is rare, and so we get to appreciate the feeling of experiencing it even for our parents.

By this time, you’re probably getting used to be creative in choosing different kinds of gifts over the years. In this piece we get the chance to look at some of the fantastic ways where we can be innovative in coming up with the best customized gifts for our loved ones.

Photo Crystal Block

For many years taking photos has been the ideal way to store our favorite memories, especially for the more significant marriage milestones. It is time to add another element over the modern and traditional frames, and go for a crystal cube exhibited on light-base with a photo of you and your spouse carrying your most treasured memories. Don’t be a boring lover when it comes to gifting properly, to make this personalized gift really pop out in a romantic way, you can consider adding some sweet words like ‘Forever and Always’ or ‘Happy 30th Anniversary’

Throw Blankets

Well, this could be a perfect gift for your parents simply because it doesn’t represent any particular theme, but it is still a nice gift to give your parents on this important day. If possible, get it tailored or even crochet the blankets in that old fashioned style representing something colorful and unique only to them. We can bet that this thoughtful gift will always put a smile on their faces as they feel warm and cosy while watching TV on the couch.


Gift a set of pearls to your loved one, after all the 30th anniversary is known as the Pearl Anniversary.

Leather Smart Wallet

Now, have a look at your spouse’s wallet, do you like what you see? It is time to surprise your loved one with a new classic environmentally certified leather wallet. You can customize it with his or her name engraved on it.

Engraved Wooden Cheese Board

If you and your spouse definitely love to enjoy some quality time in the kitchen, then get a kitchen related gift. It is always a special idea to add their names or initials on the board, and probably spicy it up with your favorite anniversary wine to have a romantic night with your special person.

Flavored Candles

This is one of those presents that can never go wrong. With this you have the opportunity to personalize it by choosing those seasonal fragrances that you know your partner loves, and since it is easy to make, you can also customize the shapes to how you want it. It is an adorable way to mark such an important day with beautiful smelling scents.

Anniversary Cards

I know, it might not seem as much, but as we all know it’s the simple things that knocks a punch. It’s a cute way to express your feeling in well-crafted and written words. You can decide to make one or some by yourself to show how much it means to you. Spice up the cards with some pearls to maintain the theme and express your thoughts in a sexy way.

A Pocket Knife

This is a perfect gift preferably for those couples who enjoy spending their time outside or even in the garden. If you feel like it’s a good idea to treasure those outdoor moments, then you can think of getting your partner a pocket knife with their name on it and a short message for them.

Diamond Whiskey Tumblers

Whether you’re on a budget or you just feel like introducing a different theme, there are other ways of honoring your 30th celebration besides fine jewelry and accessories. The quadrilateral designed whiskey glasses could be a perfect choice to enhance the flavor of your partner’s favorite wine or whiskey.

Indoor Garden

Sometime our passion gets limited by the unavailability of resources, and therefore these could be a perfect gift for that couple that loves growing plants but don’t have a garden. It’s a unique special way to mark the anniversary as the plants will give your home a touch of chlorophyll and freshness. Every time you water your plants, and show them love, it reminds you of where it all began.
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Written by Marcus Richards

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