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Finding My Purpose: How To Find A Purpose In Life

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Why is it so hard to find your purpose in life? It’s easy to look around and find things that need fixing, but finding that one thing that you’re good at, enjoy doing and is sustainable is the challenge… of a lifetime…

Here are some tips and tricks on finding your purpose in life.

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#1 Make A List

Make a list of what you would do with your life, day by day, if you had unlimited time, unlimited resources, unlimited money, unlimited helpers, unlimited energy, unlimited health, unlimited longevity, unlimited access, unlimited optimism, and unlimited courage. Please do not write how you would spend your money or what you would buy. Instead write how you would spend your time. What would you do when you get up in the morning and how would you spend your days?

Take at least 15 to 30 minutes to write this list. Then, when you are done, pleaseread it over. This valuable document is a blueprint for the rest of your life. It is aplan for you to fulfill your true life plan and purpose. Use this document to moveforward, and know that you can achieve these dreams. There is nothing stoppingyou from achieving anything. You can make this happen. Make a clear and finaldecision to manifest these goals and begin taking baby steps now.

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#2 Serving Others Gives Our Lives Meaning


Aristotle wrote that happiness and fulfillment are achieved by loving rather than in being loved. Jesus said, It is more blessed to give than to receive. And modern scientific studies confirm that helping others strengthens relationships and helps give life meaning.

How can we find the best way to serve?

We can ask ourselves: What have I done well and enjoyed doing? What needs have I filled? What needs do I have the skills and abilities to fulfill? How do others describe me?

As we give attention to the needs around us, we may come across some that our talents, interests and resources are uniquely suited for.

If these steps don't give you an answer, why not seek wise counsel from others who know you - parents, grandparents, friends, mentors, ministers, etc.? They can help you see talents in yourself and opportunities around you that you may have missed. They can introduce you to people and perhaps even open doors to new pursuits.

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  1. Whenever I’ve found myself feeling down, focusing on doing something for another (without expecting anything in return) restores me to the right frame of mind!

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#4 Travel in nature

Traveling is among the most effective way to find the meaning in your life. When you travel, you will find things about your self that you don't know right now. What you will soon realize is that you have greatness within yourself.

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#5 Stay Present

There is power in being acutely present in your life and every moment of it that will lead you to do things that you’ve never done before. You’ll say yes when you would normally say no. You'll smile and spark a conversation with the person taking too long in line at the grocery store. You'll exude an energy that says, “I’m ready world! Gimme whatcha got,” and the world will answer with new opportunities, new relationships, new purposeful meaning.

Contributors: Sheena Nicole from DearSheena

#7 Tribal Statement

The easiest way to do that is by creating a “Tribal Statement.” A Tribal statement is what drives the focus in life and allows you to announce your purpose to the universe to attract and magnetize opportunities and people to you and your purpose.

A Tribal Statement involves what you desire to feel in life, the activities that you enjoy doing, the message you want to deliver to the world and who your message is for. Combining these 4 areas into one statement creates the purpose of your life.

If you can create something that you would love to do and are passionate about.It easily translates to others to do the same, creating a huge ripple effect.Imagine if the world were acting with their purpose in mind.

Contributors: Rochelle & Roman Urias from Harmonized Tribe

#8 Travel the World

I found purpose in life through my traveling. Seeing the world through different perspectives allowed me to eliminate the things in my life that did not matter and focus on what was truly me. Through this journey, I discovered my creativity and found ways to be creative and to help serve a need. I knew this was my purpose when everything I needed was right in front of me. When you find your true purpose the fire to keep doing it just burns inside of you.

Contributors: Phillip White from PhitClothing

#9 Identify Your Skills

Identify the skills that you’re good at plus the qualities that make you different from other people. Why have people complimented you? What makes someone remark that you’re special? Go ahead, write down those answers, or record them verbally, too.

Put all the answers together and you’ll be closer to understanding the unique gifts that you bring to the world, insights, and talents that other people lack. You’ll be able to realize “Who” you are, what you want to accomplish, and how you can do that.

Contributors: Yocheved Golani from e-counseling

#10 Shamanic Journeying

You don’t have to be anything other than who you are in order to journey. There are plenty of free guided journeys for beginners available online, as well as classes. Simply find one that feels right to you and begin using it to go into a safe space where you can connect with your unconscious mind and visit with aspects of yourself, power animals, ancestors and other wise ones. Yes, journeying uses your imagination. Trust yourself and allow your imagination to bridge the gap between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Contributors: Rebecca Mindeman from Bec’s Energy Consulting

#12 The Active Listening Professional

Since people generally have some resistance to change, we often hide the key to new endeavors from ourselves. So, a counsellor, an intuitive, a medium, someone who works with the subtle bodies of the energy field, or a friend who isn’t afraid to ask hard questions and tell you what you just said can all be helpful when it comes to getting your blockages out of the way and finding your purpose. You could even try recording yourself talking about what you don’t want and play the role of active listener, jotting down noted as you listen to what you’ve already said. What you don’t want is usually easier to access and often provides some insight into what you do want. Just remember to trust yourself.

Contributors: Rebecca Mindeman from Bec’s Energy Consulting

#14 Apply Design Thinking to Career

Just as designers may try a few mockups before going all in on an idea, you should try various career options before committing to them fully.

For example: Do you want to be a professor at a university? Well, why don't you ask a favorite professor of yours to let you observe him/her for the day (or teaching a guest lecture at a local school/college)?

This would be a far better approach than spending years to become a professor only to find out you don't like it (or are not good at it).

Contributors: Gabor Koncz from Automizy

#15 Breathe To Gain Clarity

Change the way you breathe to gain clarity. Most of us give the act of thinking a great a deal of importance. What we need to understand, is that none of the major processes of life –breathing, digestion, elimination, reproduction and sleep– happen by our thinking, they are all controlled by the subconscious mind.

In fact, we would often cause disturbances to these processes by overthinking. In the same way, we often stray from our purpose due to overthinking and lack of clarity.

The first step towards findings one's purpose is by breathing from the navel. As the navel moves up and down, and the breath gets fuller, we start to think less. This isbecause the flow of our breath and the flow of our thoughts are completelyconnected.

By breathing in this way, we will find we have more clarity, greaterenergy and are much more relaxed. This state will definitely be more conducive to finding one's true purpose than a state of overthinking and stress.

Contributors: Kedar Nath from The Yogi Press

#16 The Heroic Journey

Lots of people talk about wanting to find a passion in life. The reality is looking for your passion is a waste of time.

Passion is merely a vehicle for your purpose! Your passion (the vehicle) will change, but the fuel that drives it (your purpose) will not!

Your purpose has always been there, even though it may have deepened and evolved, it has not changed.

The challenge is that we go looking for it in the wrong place namely; our passion. The challenge is that passion is transitory (a vehicle) while purpose is not. The way to find your life purpose is to paraphrase the great Joseph Campbell from The Hero’s Journey; Enter into the darkest cave, the place where your fear resides is the place where your treasure will be found. If you want to find your purpose it is waiting for you in your pain.

Contributors: Dov Baron from Full Monty Leadership

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