Serving Others Gives Our Lives Meaning (2/16)

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Aristotle wrote that happiness and fulfillment are achieved by loving rather than in being loved. Jesus said, It is more blessed to give than to receive. And modern scientific studies confirm that helping others strengthens relationships and helps give life meaning.

How can we find the best way to serve?

We can ask ourselves: What have I done well and enjoyed doing? What needs have I filled? What needs do I have the skills and abilities to fulfill? How do others describe me?

As we give attention to the needs around us, we may come across some that our talents, interests and resources are uniquely suited for.

If these steps don’t give you an answer, why not seek wise counsel from others who know you – parents, grandparents, friends, mentors, ministers, etc.? They can help you see talents in yourself and opportunities around you that you may have missed. They can introduce you to people and perhaps even open doors to new pursuits.

Contributors: Mike Bennett from LifeHopeandTruth

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. Whenever I’ve found myself feeling down, focusing on doing something for another (without expecting anything in return) restores me to the right frame of mind!

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