The Heroic Journey (16/16)

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Lots of people talk about wanting to find a passion in life. The reality is looking for your passion is a waste of time.

Passion is merely a vehicle for your purpose! Your passion (the vehicle) will change, but the fuel that drives it (your purpose) will not!

Your purpose has always been there, even though it may have deepened and evolved, it has not changed.

The challenge is that we go looking for it in the wrong place namely; our passion. The challenge is that passion is transitory (a vehicle) while purpose is not. The way to find your life purpose is to paraphrase the great Joseph Campbell from The Hero’s Journey; Enter into the darkest cave, the place where your fear resides is the place where your treasure will be found. If you want to find your purpose it is waiting for you in your pain.

Contributors: Dov Baron from Full Monty Leadership

Written by Ben Skute

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