Breathe To Gain Clarity (15/16)

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Change the way you breathe to gain clarity. Most of us give the act of thinking a great a deal of importance. What we need to understand, is that none of the major processes of life –breathing, digestion, elimination, reproduction and sleep– happen by our thinking, they are all controlled by the subconscious mind.

In fact, we would often cause disturbances to these processes by overthinking. In the same way, we often stray from our purpose due to overthinking and lack of clarity.

The first step towards findings one’s purpose is by breathing from the navel. As the navel moves up and down, and the breath gets fuller, we start to think less. This isbecause the flow of our breath and the flow of our thoughts are completelyconnected.

By breathing in this way, we will find we have more clarity, greaterenergy and are much more relaxed. This state will definitely be more conducive to finding one’s true purpose than a state of overthinking and stress.

Contributors: Kedar Nath from The Yogi Press

Written by Ben Skute

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