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Best Space Saver Cots You Can Get For Your Baby Room

You are expecting and looking to plan your new baby’s room. You need nursery room wallpaper and furniture, but what can you get.

If you have been starting to put together a plan for your baby’s new room, you have probably started to realize that you need an awful lot more space than you really have. On the other hand, you may simply be looking for ways that you can save space to get the maximum floor space in your new room. Whatever or why-ever you are looking to save space, a space saver cot is sure to help you out.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what exactly a space saver cot can offer you, as well as the various advantages and disadvantages that come with one. We will also recommend some of the best space saver cots you can get for your baby room right now!

What is a space saver cot? A space saver cot is one that is a fair amount smaller than a regular-sized cot. There is no standardized size for a space saver cot, but all are considerably smaller and designed to fit into tighter spaces.

Space saver cot offers advantages including cost-effectiveness, space effectiveness, and increased portability. Should you want to move one around, they are extremely easy to take apart and put back together as one person. Some models even come with wheels for moving between rooms.

Which space saver cots are the best out there?

Mokee SpaceSaver Bundle – The SpaceSaver cot from Mokee is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a cot that can offer the functionality of a normal cot, in a great and compact package. As well as fitting into less than one meter of space, Mokee Cots offer additional storage underneath in the form of a drawer. This is great for storing fresh bedding and your baby’s toys. In addition to the cot itself, this SpaceSaver comes complete with a mattress – you won’t have the trouble of trying to find the correct mattress size!

babyletto Origami Mini Cot – the Origami from babyletto is clearly the option to go for if you’re looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing. It comes in some very cute colors, including pink and green, and boasts a very elegant design indeed. As well as a useful design, the Origami is extremely practical. In addition to wheels that lock, this space saver can be folded up completely flat and is very easy to store. You could even take it down every day if you wanted to use the space for something else!

Delta Children Space Saver – this highly portable space saver from Delta Children is a fantastic option to go for if you are planning on moving the cot around and storing it regularly. It is fitted with wheels, as well as an adjustable mattress that can be moved into a couple of different positions to give you the best usability. If you do choose to fold down the cot, it won’t take up much space at all – a mere 6 inches of width. One point to remember on this cot, however, is that whilst it does indeed come with wheels, the wheels cannot be locked into place.

Concluding, all of the cots that we’ve recommended in this brief guide will serve you very well as a space-saving mini cot. If you’re looking for a very cute and aesthetically pleasing model that’s all functional though, the Monkee SpaceSaver is the way to go!

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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