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6 More Great Gifts For Baby Boys

For the ‘cheeky chappie’ baby boys of the family, we have collected up six more of the best gift suggestions found right across the mother and baby departments. From cleaning care, to fun teddy bears to cuddle with at night, you’ll find it all down below.

#1 Crochet Teddy Bears/Animal Toys


So soft and huggable, these toys ensure no one will remain indifferent. Made of incredibly pleasant to the touch materials like velour and yarn. What is important for each parent: these Plushies are absolutely safe for the child, made of environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material and don't contain glue and plastic dangerous elements.

Contributor: Marina Emelianova from Marinitka

    #2 Baby Bandana Bips

    Bandana bibs are excellent gifts for a newborn boy! They are a perfect 'grow with me gift' and can be worn from birth to even when they are eating solids. What's more, there are so many styles and designs around which guarantee you'll find the perfect one for your child!

    Contributor: Amanda Gaudet from yegdoula

    #3 Baby Says Chalkboard Shoes

    You know what your baby is thinking! So show it off and get creative with Chalkboard Shoes by Baby Says. These chalkboard bottom baby shoes are perfect for pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, photo shoots, family gatherings, sporting events, holidays, month-to-month milestones...the possibilities are endless! Liquid chalk doesn't smear when dry and wipes off easily with dish soap and water. Design, erase, repeat!

    Contributor: Angela Yiakim, Owner/Founder from babysays

    #5 Pello Lounger

    The newborn lounger that babies won’t outgrow. The Luxe Floor Pillow’s unique donut design cuddles a baby, minimizes acid reflux discomfort, protects a baby’s head as he or she learns to sit up, encourages muscle development as a baby crawls in and out of the Pello, and inspires a creative toddler. In addition, when you child gets older, he or she will use it while they read, have sleepovers, or play video games.

    Contributor: Julie Cimity from brandingmonster

    #6 Oogiebear

    Safely and effectively clean your baby’s nose and ears! One scoop and you’re out! No aspirator. No saline. No suction. They also just launched their new nose balm to prevent chafing and irritation. Apply it to baby’s nose, face and lips as often as needed to help sooth, heal and protect delicate skin. 100% organic and cold pressed ingredients.

    Contributor: Julie Cimity from brandingmonster

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    Written by James Metcalfe

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