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The summer holidays are upon us when much of the UK population will be jet-setting off to warmer climes in search of sun, sea, and relaxation. However, if you’re traveling with a baby for the very first time this can be a very daunting experience. In fact, research out today by The Baby Show ( has revealed that a third (36%) of new parents have decided not to travel far because of their baby.  The most popular distance that new parents would fly with is three to four hours (31%), followed by two to three hours (25%). Just 14% would fly five to eight hours, although 22% said they – like Meghan and Harry and baby Archie – would fly 8 hours plus! Just 6% said they would never travel with a baby.

The biggest worry about traveling with their baby is him or her crying and being loud on the plane (28%), followed by the baby being stressed in new environments (21%).

Lucy Shrimpton, The Sleep Nanny® and sleep expert at The Baby Show says:

“Lots of parents are wary of traveling with little ones, with the biggest concern being their baby crying, plus the fear of what other people might think, especially on a plane, with limited resources to stop this”

“It can be difficult to soothe and calm an upset child especially when in a confined space. Small babies can often be comforted with a feed or a cuddle. A sling is an ideal travel aid and dummies can help with popping ears. Plus, the white noise of an aircraft can be very soothing, putting your little one to sleep.”

“I urge parents to be confident in their ability to deal with their little ones. Don’t be afraid, just go for it. Lots of people do it and are fine. Always make sure your child is well and safe to fly. But life is for living, so go for it!”

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Tips when traveling with a baby

Parenting expert at The Baby Show and The Sleep Nanny® Lucy Shrimpton has listed her best tips when traveling with a baby:

No rules apply! 

Often, we’re up at the crack of dawn to catch that early flight or traveling at odd times of the day.  The idea of sticking to your normal routine is impossible so don’t stress too much. Try to eat at the correct times but when it comes to sleep, the general motion of travel – whether on a boat, a plane or a car – will naturally lull you to sleep.  During your journeys make sure you all keep hydrated, well-fed and rested.  If you or your little one feels the need for a nap and it’s not technically ‘nap-time’ don’t stop it, traveling is tiring business!

Adapt to local time straight away

Try your best to adapt to your destination’s time-zone as quick as possible. By getting into the rhythm of the day with correct meal-times and bedtimes routines, your little one will adjust more quickly.

Don’t be afraid to travel with your new-borns if they’re ready

Babies under three months can be relatively easy to fly with as they sleep so much. It’s when they’re one year and above that, it can become tricky as they want to walk around the cabin and need lots of entertainment! With a new-born, try feeding your baby during both take-off and landing as it’s a good way to ease earache and distract them.  You may also want to use a baby sling,  as it is an easy way to carry a baby and keeps your hands free, which is ideal for holding passports and tickets.

Create a familiar environment

Your little one might take longer to get to sleep as they’re out of their comfort zones.  Try bringing things from home with a familiar scent, such as a pillowcase or sheet. There are lots of things you can bring with you to help, such as a black-out blind, a nightlight, and a sleep clock.

Adopt a Holiday ‘Routine’

Don’t fret if you can’t do your normal routine when you’re on holiday, especially if you’re with family and friends. However, babies are very sensitive so it’s important to keep their usual bedtime routine if possible, even if that means settling them in the pushchair when you’re out for dinner. Be sure they get their required amount of sleep each day.  You can easily fall back into your home routine when you get back.

Prepare for warmer or colder weather!

Wherever you go it will probably be a slightly different climate from the UK (most likely warmer!) Your little one might find this challenging at first so make sure you pack well when it comes to their clothing.  Think about what you’re feeding them too; the right foods and drinks can help regulate body temperature and energy levels.

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Travel Products

The Baby Show has picked out some of their top travel products to help you get on your way!

Yoyo+ lightweight buggy from Babyzen

This is designed to go anywhere, is easy to fold and unfold and can be carried like a bag and taken as cabin luggage.

Bizzi Growin POD Travel Changing Bag

Perfect for those just going for a few nights, the Bizzi Growin POD Travel Changing Bag is a unique fold-out crib that is quick and easy to use. With lightweight poles provided to secure the crib sides, the baby can sleep safely and comfortably in the fold-out crib wherever you are.  The assembly of the crib takes less than a minute and a padded mattress comes complete with the bag that has lots of compartments to help organize all the essentials – including an insulated bottle pocket! RRP £55

You can have your Diaper Bag with USB Charging Port for Baby Care from Amazon.

Sun cream from Child’s Farm

Wherever you go, whether that’s in the UK or further afield, sun cream is a must! Child’s Farm’s new formulation 50+ SPR sun cream gives you very high protection and is water-resistant, protecting young and sensitive skin from UVA and UVB rays, whilst keeping skin moisturized and hydrated. RRP £12

Get Kids Protect and Sensitive Sun Spray from Amazon.

Cool Air Mesh Carrier from Ergobaby

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier All-In-One Cool Air Mesh has all the carry positions plus ultimate ventilation to keep you both cooler.  Omni 360 grows with baby from week 1 to 20kg and offers a perfect fit for all parents.  Perfect for parents on the go! RRP £159.90

Lightweight Rompers from Pickle

New exhibitor, Pickle create beautiful rompers that can keep your little one feeling and look cool while they start to explore the world.  The versatile piece can be worn alone in the hot sunshine, or matched with a t-shirt underneath if the afternoon starts to get chilly.  95% cotton + 5% elastane jersey fabric. RRP £19

Cotton Romper Creeper Set is also available on Amazon.

GREENWICH Convertible Hip Pack from Skip Hop

Carry everything you need while enjoying time with your little one. The Hip Pack is designed with a ‘drawbridge’ opening mechanism to ensure that everything is kept in place while you find what you’re looking for. The adjustable strap means that it can be worn around the waist or across the body, depending on your summer look. Multiple pockets help you keep organized. Available in classic black or dusty rose. RRP £30

Flexi Bath® from Stokke®

This foldable baby bath is suitable for newborn babies up to the age of 4 and is lightweight, portable and easily folds flat. RRP £57

Silicone Breast Pump from Haakaa

150ml manual breast pump that is not only made using 100% medical grade silicone, free from toxic materials – so kind to mother, baby, and the environment – but they’re incredibly easy to use and no electricity is required so perfect for travel! No assembly is required, they’re compact, soft and comfortable to use. RRP 12.99

Harmony Breast Pump is also available on Amazon.

Portable Soother Steriliser from Milton

Milton’s 2 in 1 mini sterilizer cleans and sterilizes soothers on the go.  100% watertight, it sterilizes in 15 minutes using Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets and straps easily to your buggy, pram or change bag! The perfect product on the go! RRP £6.99
Get Portable Baby Bottle Sterilizer from Amazon.

Insect Shield Grobag from The Gro Company

The Gro Company’s Grobags are hugely popular with parents and their insect shield Growbag is a genius invention to prevent any unwanted mozzie bites.  With special built-in, bug barring protection against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chigger and midges, it will give you peace of mind when there are bugs about in an unknown location! RRP £41

Shnuggle BumGo Baby Changing Bag with Changing Mat

Perfectly compact, this Shnuggle BumGo Changing Bag fits well into most handbags with all the changing essentials – wipes dispenser, pocket for nappies and cream and a padded changing mat!  RRP £28.95

The Baby Show, with MadeForMums, will take place at Olympia London. For more information visit The show will have an array of exciting new product launches and innovations to announce soon so watch this space! The advanced ticket price is £14.70pp* across the three days, while on-the-door tickets cost £20pp.

Opening Times

Friday 18th October – 9.30am – 5.30pm

Saturday 19th October – 9.30m – 5.30pm

Sunday 20th October – 9.30am – 5.30pm

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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