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Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Popularity on Instagram

Instagram has become an integral part of almost every marketing strategy over the last years. Its popularity has risen among people of all ages. So, having many followers on this platform has become a synonym of success and good sales. This is why many people are wondering how to get more fans. And although there are many effective ways to buy instagram followers , these are the ones we recommend.

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Engage With Your Audience

Interacting with the audience is key to increase their engagement with one’s account. This is, in the end, what makes the follower base truly useful. Posting quality content is what makes ones’ photos appear first in other people’s feeds. The one who determines what classifies as good posts is Instagram’s algorithm. And it does so based on the number of interactions. Luckily, there are several strategies to do this.

  • Answering their messages: Many followers will comment on the pictures they like. To encourage other users to do the same, you could reply to those who have already done so. In this way, people who view it will know that you are friendly and approachable.
  • Contests and giveaways: Fans love this! Having the opportunity of getting something that was previously owned by their idol is a great motivator for people to interact. Even the shyest of followers like to receive such an object for free. And it doesn’t need to be expensive. Just an item that reflects your personality and that could be meaningful to those who like you.
  • Encourage them to comment: This is easier than what it may seem at first sight. A prevalent tactic is asking questions. Something simple and casual like “What should I wear today?” will get people talking. Including calls to action is also useful. You could post something that they can relate to and then invite them to tag a friend so that they can laugh together.

Post Often and at the Right Time

Several people have noticed that the more constantly they post, the more interactions they get. They recommend uploading a picture or video at least once a day. If you can do it more often, much the better. This will turn into more followers and more likes. This will help to appear on the top of your fans’ feeds. And if they are shared often, this will help too. Most users who engage in this practice have reported that their follower growth doubled.

Even though posting daily is great, it is also necessary to pick the right time to do this. Otherwise, this technique will not be fully effective. The perfect time will vary depending on the audience. Teenagers have very different schedules in contrast to retirees, or people who work full time. The best way to understand their behavior is by trying out different times and seeing which one performs better.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Pictures

Instagram started as a network to share photos. Over time, it grew and expanded to include more functions, like stories and videos. And the good news is that this type of content helps to create more engagement. While pictures still reign on Instagram, recordings are growing their interaction rates much faster than photos. And actually, several Instagrammers have noticed that videos get more comments that other type of media.

Stories have also proven to be an excellent way to engage users. Some studies have proven that most brands recognize the importance that this type of content has had in their marketing strategies.

Think Carefully About Your Hashtags

Hashtags are at the core of Instagram. Using the right one can help to show the content to those who will find it interesting. They allow to target the desired audience, and to do it massively at once. This function is so popular that it is even possible to follow a hashtag to get all the posts that used with it!

All the media that has both a hashtag and a location tag tends to get more interaction than other posts. Yet, it is important not to overdo this. Although it is possible to use up to 30, between 9 and 11 tags should be enough to promote content efficiently.

Deciding which one to use should be planned carefully. You should pick the hashtags that your target audience reads. Think about what it is that they could be looking for in social media. You could read their posts to see which ones they use. Analyzing what the competition is doing in this field could also be very useful. A good mix between your own tags, those that are trending topics, and the ones that people always use should yield very good results.

Put Your Followers on the Spotlight

Recognizing your followers and giving them the importance they deserve is the best way to show them how important they are for you and your business. And the best way to do this is by sharing their content. The best way to go around this is by picking the best posts created by your followers that are related to your account’s theme. Then, you share it and give credit to the author. It is even better if you tag them so that those who like the content can go to that account and see what else they post.

A great strategy to gather enough content to pick from is by creating a unique hashtag for your brand that people can use to share their stories. They could, for example, tell how using your products helped them solve a difficult situation. Or they could just upload an artistic picture using it. This is helpful not only to have good content on your account and to share real-life stories of true clients, but it also boosts customer loyalty.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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