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Instagram Hashtags: Where To Look For The Best Hashtags

Hashtags are words, phrases, or numbers preceded by the hash symbol (#). Adding hashtags to your social media posts helps categorize them and improve their trackability on the platform. Using hashtags can enhance the visibility and reach of your posts on the platform. This enables your content to reach an audience extending beyond your followers on the platform.

However, it is important to use specific hashtags according to your line of business. If you choose a generic hashtag, your message will most likely go overlooked. Look for keywords that incorporate both common and industry-specific terminology that your audience will understand. They should be memorable and, ideally, include your brand in some manner. So, learning how to locate the adequate hashtags to use on Instagram and then correctly using them sounds like a lot. But don’t worry, there are strategies that can help you with that.

Use an Instagram hashtag generator

Using hashtags will help you enhance the reach of your posts and represent your brand appropriately. The perfect hashtags will get you the most likes and followers when trending, while unique hashtags will get your content in front of the right people.

However, if you’re having trouble coming up with hashtag ideas for your posts, you can always use a hashtag generator such as PathSocial’s ultimate hashtag finder for Instagram to help you get the most relevant hashtags for your account. Simply enter a few phrases that you feel best describe the content you want to publish, and the generator will return a plethora of hashtag suggestions in a matter of seconds. It is a unique technique so many people can locate and check your profile once they enter a hashtag that leads directly to your profile.


Check Instagram’s Explore page

Instagram’s Explore page displays posts and reels based on the content you’re interested in. The Explore page finds relevant material using an algorithm based on your interactions with the app. Every Instagram user has a different Explore page.

Users may manually search for hashtags on the Explore page. Most of the time, the content that appears on an Explore page is associated with the trending Instagram hashtags. So, do your research, write down a list of the hashtags you see frequently, and use them in the posts you share.

Look into the hashtag autocomplete feature

Instagram has a built-in search engine that can be used to look for accounts, audio, locations, and, of course, tags. Anyone may use it to browse through hashtags that are relevant to their interests. When you’re typing, the search engine will provide similar, popular hashtags. It also displays the tags that are followed by the accounts you follow. What makes this tool even better is knowing that it provides hashtags with millions of posts.


Learn from Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers are people who know how to use social media platforms very effectively and actively. So, following their work is a great step to finding new hashtags and learning how to use them. What makes this even better is the fact that 90% of influencers use Instagram as their main social media platform. So, this clearly shows that following influencers’ work will help you discover the top Instagram hashtags for your company. Find influencers in your line of business and check their posts. On their profiles, you will find the hashtags that are generating the most interaction and likes from users.

Check your competitors

While you should avoid imitating your rivals’ Instagram marketing techniques, there is nothing wrong with researching the hashtags they use. This will help you identify hashtags that are successful for other companies in your line of business and help you draw some inspiration from them.

Also, you could come across some new hashtags to add to your collection. If you don’t want to compete and engage with the same audience your competitors have, look for alternative hashtags to implement. If you check your competitors’ posts and conduct research on their most engaging and effective hashtags, you will get a clearer picture of what your posts should look like.

Final thoughts

In digital marketing, implementing Instagram hashtags is quite significant. The goal is to have your posts appear on the Explore Page since doing so implies attracting a larger audience and, more importantly, potential buyers. So, you must develop an Instagram hashtag strategy and learn how to implement them. Instagram hashtags are a powerful tool for increasing post interaction and, ultimately, revenue, especially if Instagram is one of your primary marketing platforms. Using hashtag generator tools, checking the competition, and the work of influencers are all good approaches to finding effective Instagram hashtags.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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