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Why It’s Worth Printing Out Your Old Facebook Photos

As a photographer, you’ll probably spend most of your time taking photographs, editing, and posting them to social media. But this depends on your personal needs. Are the photos supposed to be viewed on a 24-hour period? Should Facebook only display them once and then scrap them off? Or should the cycle just continue?

In each case, you should always try posting something special and tangible. Here are some reasons why you should consider printing out your Facebook photos

Better Than an Editor

When it comes to printed photographs, it’s easier to notice details which may not have seen on your computer or screen.

Dust spots in the sky don’t make for a beautifully printed page. You’ll start realizing the importance of zooming your images to inspect for major problem areas. Not only will you end up with quality photographs but you’ll also sharpen your skill as a photographic editor.

Become Better in Photography

When you print your photographs, all technical issues will be amplified. Posting photos on Instagram gives users a lot of leeways and could cause them to brush things off. Small screens don’t reveal all the details. Of course, the detail might sometimes look beautiful but at times it’s problematic. With printed photographs, everything is displayed as it is- whether bad or good.

The next time you go out taking photographs, you’ll be set to get everything right in-camera. Because fixing your issues later in Photoshop isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s sometimes impossible and is generally considered as lazy photography.

Photoshop is an incredible tool that some artists utilize a means of creating amazing masterpieces. However, if you are using it for polishing turds, you’re indeed making a big mistake.

It’s Inspiring

Printing photos, after a careful selection, produces endorphins. All science aside, doing this puts a smile on your face. Plus, it inspires you to go out and generate unique images that you can print large. Shoot, edit, and print like a pro. Watching your photos on a daily basis cultivates a personal touch that’s hard to experience with electronically shared photographs. Plus, it reminds you of your past and assists you to share memories with friends and family.

Bringing Photos to Life

Before you start printing, take the photos, edit them, and post to Facebook, or Instagram. It takes hard work and patience to achieve the perfect artwork. Getting the best sunset at the best spot is only possible with the right strategy. Don’t just let your beautiful photos to sit on the hard drive, go ahead and print them with

It’s Hugely Satisfying

Seeing all your photography hard work as well as dedication printed on elegant paper just feels good. In fact, it almost feels like an addiction. These are tangible gifts you can give to your friends and family, hang on the wall, or even sell to clients. Isn’t that fantastic? Mix different pixels, print it and create a lasting impression.

Nowadays, t’s possible to romanticize the print, however, this wasn’t possible in the ancient times were precious photos were easily lost and forgotten. Most were kept in photograph albums or shoe racks that would sit in the open and collect dust the whole day. In the year 2000, Kodak announced that over 80 billion photographs had been taken that year.

Digital Trends

With millions of pictures being taken nowadays, very few are being printed. This is because of the current technological advancements that have allowed for the digital sharing of photos across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Out of the estimated 1.3 trillion photographs that are taken every year, only about 80 million are printed. The main reason for printing a picture is to share memories with someone else. But now that technology has taken center stage, it makes sense that people are opting not to spend their money on prints, especially now that electronically sharing images happens to be more convenient.

However, some people are still in love with prints. Polaroid Originals, for instance, has built a huge brand around it. There are several other companies that offer amazing photography products that’ll surely transform your experiences as a photographer.

The Relationship Between Digital and Print Media

Digital technology has significantly revolutionized how photos are printed, and there’s no turning back. According to information gathered by Digital Trends, the number of 4 x 6-inch photograph prints is projected to decline from 47 million in 2014 to about 39 million this year. While this may not sound encouraging to the photo lab, it doesn’t really cause adverse effects on the print art. In fact, some people would argue that it has elevated it to a higher level. Intelligence also thinks that the downward trend is significantly slowing down, and will translate to approximately 36 million photo prints by the year 2021.

Independent publishing has also increased tremendously over the past few years due to the rapidly growing digital technology as well as the internet. Despite what most people perceive as a massive decline in print media, the truth is that the number of magazines generated every day has remained constant since the year 2008. A certain publication’s circulation might be smaller, but it could also feature high-quality and tend to be more targeted. Right from design and photography to paper selection, nearly everything has significantly improved. So, let’s celebrate the opportunity to produce high-quality prints, which have been generously offered by digital technology.

The Bottom-Line

Printing you’re your photos comes with numerous benefits. And you really don’t want to miss out on this. Take advantage of what digital tech has brought to the photography sector and upgrade your game. Nothing feels satisfying like watching your beautiful artwork on paper. It’s truly inspiring and interesting. It also provides you with the perfect chance to identify your weaknesses in photography and thus be able to fix the mistakes as soon as possible. This, in turn, will help you create high-quality photos with minimal errors.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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