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Business Uses of Facebook – 5 Tips for an Engaging FB Business Page

Facebook has been everyone’s go-to social media platform because let’s accept it, we were fascinated with it. The platform that was once used for chatting and posting in the groups, it has become a hub for online businesses to make a living without being physical in operations. However, this opportunity is available for every Facebook user which signals the ultimate competition.

Having a business page to run the business is essential but is it all Well, we would have to say no because there are multiple other steps that you need to take. In this article, we are sharing five top tips to help you design a highly engaging business page on Facebook to ensure customer traffic and increased sales funnel. Have a look!

Get Out of The Personal Profile

Everyone starts with the personal profile on Facebook but if you own a business, setting the personal page with public settings isn’t going to work for you. This means that using the business page is essential. So, Buy Facebook Page Likes ,The main reason for choosing the business page is having the ability to check for insights, analytics, and the paid promotional activities.

On the other hand, if you use a personal profile, the customers will need to send you a friend request to make a purchase, does this sound easy? Not at all! So, make sure you are creating the business page as it comes with tons of benefits as the customers will be able to engage effectively and efficiently.

Don’t Post The Mishaps

When the business page is concerned, the huge-scaled businesses often offer the page roles to the employees so they can post the right content and keep an eye on the insights. However, this increased delivery of page roles tends to increase the chances of employees to post their personal details by mistake. Well, we all know what a blunder it can turn out to be.

So, you need to ensure that you are giving out page roles to the employees who have a need for that. Also, before appointing roles to the employee, make sure to provide suitable training as they need to know when to publish the content and what content to post. You can assign the page role from the page setting and don’t forget to click on page attribution to publish content as a brand and not as a personal blog.

Choose The Right Profile Picture

Whenever you are trying to make a profile picture, always choose something that can be recognized by your audience. If you are a big brand, you can try using the brand logo as the profile picture. Adding such profile picture is essential to become discoverable and liked among the audience. This holds ultimate importance because the profile picture appears in the search result.

This also means that you need to be vigilant in choosing the right profile picture. Also, make sure you are thinking about the displaying dimensions of the profile picture. The optimal dimension is 170 x 170 pixels. However, the dimensions on smartphone need to be 128 x 128 pixels.

Work on The Cover Photo

Once you have chosen the profile picture, you need to choose a cover photo. As a Facebook user, you would know that a cover on Facebook profile will take up most space and it will be identified by the people visiting the profile. So, while choosing the cover photo, make sure that it is made from top-notch pixels, attractive, and has the ability to engage the customer base.

While choosing the cover photo, don’t forget about the dimensions because it will play an essential in devising the quality of outlook. The dimensions for computers are 820 x 312 pixels and on the smartphone, the dimensions include 640 x 360 pixels.

Use the CTAs

If you aren’t aware of the CTAs, let us tell you that these are call-to-action statements that are devised to engage the customers. For your business page, the call to action statements such as “book us now!” or “sign up” are the perfect way to engage the customer base. By using these statements, people have been driving immense traffic to the website and external websites. So, add the CTA today and watch the engagement rising up like never before.

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