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10 Photo Ideas for Your New Born Baby

Ask any parent out there, and they’ll be quick to concur with the fact that babies grow up so fast. Therefore, you might want to be ready to organize for a photo-shoot for your newborn, capturing all the cute moments before it’s too late. However, before getting to that point, it is essential for you to take the time to find the best photographer within your locality.

For example, if you are from Brisbane, then you might want to check out The Wish Photography Brisbane, or any other top rated photographers to hire. Below are ten photo shoot ideas you might want to try on your newborn baby:

The Wrapped up shoot

Newborns are adorable, point blank period. Meaning even an idea as simple as the traditionally wrapped shoot where you have your baby wrapped up in a cute bundle can still work like a charm. Feel free to try out different positions so that you can have variety. You can start by taking a few shots with the baby’s hands in then take some with the hands out.

Frog up

The frog up is arguably the most popular pose for newborns because of two reasons. One, the posture is safe and comfortable for the baby, meaning the chance of interruptions will stay to the bare minimum. Secondly, the frog up position allows for many cute shots to be taken from made from different angles.

Adding cute little props

Another safe way of making your newborn’s photo-shoot a tad more adorable is by throwing in a few props into the set. These props may be in the form of toys or cute little outfits. Feel free to share the idea with your photographer beforehand so they can also chip in their thoughts.

Chin on hands

Probably the best thing about the chin on hands pose lies in its unpredictability. Its such unexpected moments that make for the best photos. Some of the ‘chin on hands’ photos may come out as sweet while others will be rib-tickling. However, always make sure the baby is securely propped up before attempting the chin on hands pose.

Baby on back

Baby on back is one of the most straightforward, most popular photo-shoot ideas for newborns. Being a natural position for the newborn, both the infant and the photographer will have an easy time throughout the shoot. Also adding a few props into this shoot is quite easy.

The womb/taco pose

Another easy to pull pose for your newborn is the womb/taco pose. The taco is yet another natural pose for newborns, meaning you’ll always be assured of the baby’s maximum comfortable.

The grass shots

In as much as newborns look incredibly cute lying on the grass, its never a good idea to lying your infant on the grass in the name of photography. Thankfully, many good studios have artificial blankets with grass patterns that can be used to achieve the same breathtaking effect.

The warm and soft blanket shots

The best thing about the warm and soft blanket shots is that they’ll are not only adorable but will also keep the newborn warm and snug. There is something enchanting about a newborn wrapped up in warm and soft blankets that seem to never go out of style.

The random details

You don’t need to hold the newborn up in several uncomfortable positions to get the right shot. Sometimes it’s better to let the baby do his or her thing while you are busy capturing as many random but adorable moments as you can.

The dino themed shoot

Dino themed photo-shoots are best suited for boys. First, you’ll need to find a fitting dino costume especially one with the right colors. The dino costume is used to symbolize arrival.


Before the day of the photo shoot, you should be psychologically prepared for the unexpected. It would also be a good idea to alert the photographer and even better, have a discussion ahead of the photo-shoot. Doing so will make the whole process easier since you will both be prepared for anything that comes afterwards. Your photographer will also give you advice on what works and what doesn’t. Thankfully, you don’t have to go overboard for you to get the perfect shots. Sometimes simple is best, especially when a baby is involved.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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