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Investing in Your Art: Necessary Photography Gear for Beginners and Pros Alike

The line, “Photography is a love affair with life” was once uttered by the famed photographer Burk Uzzle. It is a quote that photography aficionados can definitely relate to. Whether you’re a photo pro or a beginner, in order to fully have that love affair with your craft, you need to have the right set of tools. So what sort of gear is worth investing in if you want to have an advantage in taking some awesome shots?

The Camera

For any photographer, your camera will be the lifeblood of your photography. The most popular types of cameras are Full Frame cameras and Advanced Photo System Type-C (APS-C) cameras. In the discussion of APS-C vs full-frame models, it’s important to look at the pros and cons. For example, APS-C tends to be more affordable than full-frame cameras. Full frame cameras, however, have better image quality with no crop factor. What’s lucky is that popular camera brands like Sony, Canon, and Nikon have several choices for both full-frame and APS-C models, allowing you to make the best decision that’s right for your needs. 

The Tripods

Every photographer, especially aspiring professionals, needs tripods to avoid blurring in a shot. A sturdy tripod can give you several and distinct photography advantages like sharper images in low light and the capacity to frame images better. There are a lot of different tripods available in the market like the Manfrotto 190XPro4 or the Novo Explora T5. What the good ones generally have in common is their portability, strength, and ability to provide rotation for the camera. You’ll need to consider what sort of photography you want to do so you can determine if you’ll need a small tabletop tripod or a taller one to brace your camera.

The Batteries

If you’re planning on going on long shoots, you’ll need to have good camera batteries. If you’re using a digital camera, you’ll need dedicated rechargeable camera batteries. Incidentally, there are now also rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for fine art photography cameras like the Leica. It is recommended that you look for batteries that come with warranties and cell balance. There are more expensive first-party batteries, but these come with quality assurances. Third-party batteries may be more affordable, but they may lack quality testing. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide what you value more: cost-savings or quality.   

The Filters

While digital cameras generally come with white balance options in its settings, it can still fall a little short. Filters can help you add drama to your photos by limiting the light or by eliminating glare and reflections. There are several filters that you will want in your arsenal of tools like polarizing, UV, and neutral density filters. Investing in filters gives you more control over your photographs and enables you to take better ones regardless of the conditions. 

As a photographer, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right stuff to help you catch that perfect shot. Naturally, any investment into equipment might cost a pretty penny, so it’s wise not to rush into things. Take your time to search what gadgets and photography gear can truly help you attain the level of photography you’re aiming for. 

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