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A Guide To Choosing The Correct Dosage Of CBD Oil For Your Pets

CBD oil has many proven health benefits for pets, especially, for dogs, cats, and even horses. These benefits range from pain to relief to even treating mental conditions like anxiety and depression. Since all vertebrates are endocannabinoids CBD has much of the same effects on pets as it does on humans.

Alright so you are convinced CBD is beneficial for your pet but how can you determine what would be an appropriate dosage depending on your pets size and overall health condition. Finding the right dosage is crucial for any form of medication or supplement to be effective. With pets finding the right dosage is especially troublesome as many factors have to be considered the most critical of which are size, type of product, brand, formula, and method of administration.

Type Of CBD Products

The most common form of CBD products found in pets come in the form of oils, treats or capsules. Each form offers its own unique advantages and is made from different formulas that can influence the dosage amount.

CBD oil is especially effective when treating pets suffering from joint pain, skin disorders, arthritis or other bodily pains as the oil can be massaged on the body or affected areas with ease. The treats are a great way to help improve your pets overall mood and state of mind. Capsules are especially helpful when CBD is being used to treat pets suffering from more severe medical conditions such as cancer tumors, loss of appetite, stomach disorders and nausea.

The Size Of Your Pet

The larger the animal in question the greater is likely to be the dosage in order to derive effective and quick results. The size, weight, and any know ailments can all impact the dosage amount and have to be carefully accounted for before beginning treatment.

Brand & Formula

The best pet CBD oil manufacturers provide their own dosage charts on the back of their products that clearly specify the correct dosage based on the weight of your pet. The percentage of CBD present and the formula used to produce the oil can also impact the dosage amount. Some CBD oils are much more potent than others and require a lesser dosage as a result. Always read the chart carefully and if still in doubt consult with the manufacturer before administering on your pet.

Can High Doses Of CBD Be Detrimental For My Pet

Determining the correct dosage of CBD for your pet can result in quicker and much more effective results. However, if you have been giving your pet a higher dosage of CBD without realizing it, don’t worry as CBD even in high doses isn’t detrimental to your dog or cat as unlike its cousin THC, it has no psychedelic properties. I use this CBD oil for my pets and the dosage amounts on the packaging are what I follow which has made a noticeable impact on my dogs and cats overall health and mood.


Whatever form of CBD and administration technique you use it is highly recommended that you follow the dosage instruction provided on the packaging the product came in and check to see how your pet responds before altering or adjusting the dosage amount.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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