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Can Pets Improve Your Productivity At Work?

During lockdown many of us got used to the comforts and benefits of having a pet beside us while we work. Many different types of companies nowadays seem to have pets in the office ranging from investment companies to marketing agencies and much more besides.

But, now that so many of us are returning to the office you may be wondering whether a pet can help with productivity at work too?

Can I Take My Pet into Work?

This question depends entirely on the job you do and the decision of your company or boss. However, it is becoming more and more common to bring pets into work. There is a degree of logic needed though. For example, if you work on a building site, bringing your pet to work may not be the best idea (source: JosTec), whereas if you work in an office it may be more feasible.

As long as your pet is well suited to an office environment and your work lends itself to having a pet around, it may well be fine. Obviously when it comes to larger pets, it is not always possible, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be taking a horse into the office.

Similarly, some professions do not lend themselves to having a furry pal tag along, no puppies in the emergency room please! But for anyone with a well-behaved dog and an animal friendly job, bringing a pet to work can have a whole host of advantages.

What Are the Advantages of Bringing a Pet to Work?

A cue to head outdoors

Pets need routine and plenty of time outdoors, and when it comes down to it, so do we. For those who have a dog, or an animal who enjoys the outdoors, pets can act as a great cue to head outdoors and get some fresh air.

Being outside and taking a walk can do wonders for mental health and break up the monotony of a day. Taking regular breaks has been shown to improve productivity and even more so when those breaks are taken outside. Letting your dog have a run around in the park is a great opportunity to take a break, get some fresh air and decompress.

Chances are when you return to the office, you’ll be feeling more relaxed and more focused, ready to tackle the next challenge.

Soothe anxiety

Now more than ever, we could all do with a furry companion to help soothe anxiety and provide company. Many of us work long hours and can be stressed and anxious in the office, which does nothing good for our motivation and productivity.

The act of petting an animal we love has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only do our pets love the attention and fussing, but devoting our love and attention to our pets can help reduce anxiety. The positive effect that a pet can have on your mental health is astounding.

Not to mention that the physical affection a pet can show us leaves owners feeling loved and present, instead of anxious and preoccupied.

Motivation and routine

Pets are a great source of motivation for their owners simply because they rely on us so heavily. Without a pet, day-to-day life and work may seem difficult, struggling to find routine and motivation.

When we have a furry friend relying on us, we have to keep good routines and find motivation to get up and at ‘em every single day, for their sake as well as our own. This motivation can certainly translate into work at the office. Your pet will need a bathroom break soon, so you’d better finish this task in time to take them.

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