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Procrastination: How To Spot When You’re Not Working And What To Do Next

The daily grind can lead one into a comfortable routine that makes it difficult to differentiate just when we’re being productive, and when procrastination and a lack of effort really has kicked in.

Most of the time these instances are so second nature, it takes a real conscious effort to break through and unlock the productivity boost that we all need from time to time. These expert insights should help to provide any worker with a greater sense of awareness for the time and energies they are really putting into their work.

#1 ‘Flitting Around’

When I find myself switching tabs to check stats or write down a to-do in the middle of working on a task, I often have to remind myself to save the stat-checking and random task-list making, etc, for when I am done with the important task. When you find yourself flitting around when you're supposed to be focused, that is a sign you need to mentally regroup then focus on your present task. You can finish the tiny tasks afterward.

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#2 Discover Your Avoidance Activities

I'd suggest that it's important to know what your personal avoidance activities are: Eating, checking Facebook, texting.  If you find yourself doing these things more often, and this coincides with something important you have to do, it's a good sign you're avoiding the task.  Sometimes recognizing that what you think is a compelling and natural choice is actually avoidance behavior is enough to break the cycle.

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#3 Mental Wellbeing

As a digital nomad - it's important that I be really good at maximizing my time and my productivity. I have to manage when I work, my deadlines, and my prioritizations. One of the major mistakes I made before getting my productivity under control was not understanding WHEN I'm most productive, and not looking after myself. When I force myself to work through distractions, I'm not able to function at a highly productive level.

Instead, what I've figured out how to do is minimize my distractions, and take breaks when I need to. Instead of being antsy and getting up and down a million times, I'll actually take a break and go for a walk. When I can't do this, I have workout bands I use to do arm exercises from my chair. Taking care of myself mentally is almost always the same as taking care of myself physically.

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