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What You Should Know About CBD Gummies

CBD is the latest natural product to hit the shelves and it’s taken over the world of health with its many claimed benefits and uses. CBD comes in many different forms, from oils to vapours, to even CBD coffee, there’s something out there for everyone. However, one of the most popular forms lately is CBD gummies. Keep reading to find out everything you should know about CBD gummies.

What Is CBD?

Firstly, CBD is a natural compound that comes from the cannabis plant. However, unlike THC, it doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties so you can take it without it having any mind-altering effects. CBD is also legal in a lot of countries, whereas cannabis isn’t. If your country has legalized marijuana where you can get a medical card like the medical marijuana card online in Cincinnati Ohio, make sure that when buying CBD products, you check that they don’t contain THC. Due to CBD being such a new product, there still isn’t a definitive answer as to whether or not it does what it’s claimed to do. However, there are lots of clinical studies taking place to research CBD and its effects, and the results have been positive overall. If you’re considering taking CBD, make sure you consult your doctor first, as it’s been suggested that it could interact with certain medications and make them less effective.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are jelly-like candies that are infused with CBD. They come in lots of delicious flavours, which makes them a better option for a lot of people as the taste of CBD oil can be quite unpleasant. They come in different strengths so you can ensure you get the correct dosage for your body. Gummies have managed to break into the healthcare world in the form of vitamins. As a child, you probably took chewy orange or blackcurrant vitamins instead of trying to swallow a large tablet, so it’s easy to see why more companies are moving over to gummies as an alternative. Soft gels or oils may be impossible for some people to take, but gummies can be eaten and enjoyed by pretty much everyone.


Just like all CBD products, CBD gummies come in different strengths, so you may need to test out different ones to see which works best for you. It’s recommended to start lower and work your way up. Taking too high a dose won’t necessarily have a detrimental effect on your body, but it could cause an upset stomach. Once you know which strength works for you, you need to consider how many a day you need. Again, this will totally depend on you and there isn’t a specific recommended dose. However, you can take your body weight into consideration. Each gummy is also pre-dosed for you so you don’t have to try and figure it out or measure it which makes taking them a breeze.

How Many Should I Take?

Your body weight can be a determining factor in how much CBD you should have per day. For example, if you’re under 130 lbs, you should probably stick to 11mg or less, and if you’re over that then it can range anywhere from 18mg to 23mg. This is just a general guide though and although it can play a small part in how much you should have, you will know your body best. You might weigh 200 lbs and only need 12mg, so don’t think you have to take 18mg just because. CBD is all about finding what works for your body, and no two bodies are the same. The general rule is to start low and work your way up and you’ll eventually find that sweet spot that works perfectly for you.

Easy And Convenient

CBD gummies are one of the most convenient ways to take CBD. They normally come in small screw-top pots or resealable packets, so they can easily be popped into your bag and remain fresh. CBD gummies are great if you don’t feel comfortable taking CBD in public. You might not want to disclose your reasons to everyone around you, so CBD gummies allow you to easily get your dose without having to explain what you’re doing. CBD gummies can also be taken at any time of day, whenever you need them, and you don’t need anything extra. For instance, if you were to take soft gels, you’d need a glass of water to hand, but with gummies, all you have to do is eat them.

Potential Benefits

The benefits of CBD gummies are still being studied, but there have been results to show that they can help lessen the symptoms of anxiety and depression. While they can’t cure mental health issues, it’s claimed that taking a regular dose of CBD can reduce the negative symptoms people experience. Panic attacks are a common problem for people with anxiety, so taking a CBD gummy when you feel one starting could stop it in its tracks and allow you to carry on with your day. CBD is said to help improve your serotonin production too. This chemical is what makes us feel happy and people who suffer from depression usually have depleted levels of it. However, incorporating CBD gummies into your daily routine could possibly help bring your levels back up and keep the production going and improve your overall mood.

Some people also use CBD gummies for pain relief to enable them to get on with their daily life. CBD is said to reduce pain when ingested as it has anti-inflammatory properties and regular dosing could potentially eliminate the pain completely. These are the most common reasons that people take CBD gummies, but there are hundreds of reasons, and they are most likely going to be personal to you.

CBD gummies are a brilliant way to take CBD without having to deal with the earthy taste of the oil or trying to remember to take a soft gel each morning. They’re a sweet treat that could be the key to unlocking your good health, mentally and physically.

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Written by Robert James

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