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Your Choice of Pet Might Reveal Aspects of Your Personality

When you want to bring a pet into your family, you have a lot of species that you can choose from. There are loyal dogs, friendly felines, adorable rodents, beautiful lizards, fun birds, and stunning fish, to name a few, and they all have unique personalities and needs.

But did you know that the type of pet you prefer might also reveal something about your personality? Or maybe you have already noticed some character patterns among your fellow pet owners? Keep reading to learn more about what certain pet choices might say about you, according to Scientific American.

If You Love Dogs

Much of the discussion about pet preferences revolves around dog people and cat people. Even Nuwber did some research into the differences between dog and cat owners. So, let’s start off with a look at what having a dog might say about you.

Dog owners tend to be extroverted, particularly when compared to individuals who own cats, and they tend to have great careers. All of this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, as many successful people are dog owners, and kids love growing up with a dog in the family because they can provide tons of love and companionship.

Dog people are considered to be more outgoing in comparison to cat people: at the end of the day, dog owners have to go on walks which leads them to communicating with other people. Even if it’s just a passer-by playing with their pet.

If You Love Cats

Cat people are more likely to have a college education, particularly when compared to people who don’t have cats, and they also tend to be more open to experiencing new things when compared to dog owners. They, too, can hold positions in esteemed careers across various industries. However, they might also be more neurotic than dog owners, and they often live in apartments too.

Once again, this information isn’t really surprising, as cats are known for being lower maintenance when compared to dogs. And because cats are smaller, they can feel comfortable living in a smaller space like an apartment. Plus, even though cat people might not be as dominant in their social roles, they can still be educated and adventurous in their own way.

If You Love Birds

From tiny birds that sing all day to large parrots that can learn how to perform tricks and speak a few words, birds are definitely interesting animals that can make wonderful pets. Having the space for a large enough cage, and giving your bird plenty of attention, is necessary.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that, when compared to those who own snakes, horses, or turtles, bird owners tend to be more expressive and outgoing, and they view themselves as being caring and polite. Women, in particular, might even be socially dominant.

If You Love Fish

Some people think that fish are the least demanding pets. But that’s not entirely true. There are a lot of things to research before purchasing them. For example, to have a healthy and happy life, fishies must have a nice big aquarium with a proper ecosystem. Some species can even eat or bully others, so they must be placed in different tanks!

So, fish owners are usually considered to be extremely calm, caring and dedicated. Looking after fish and keeping an aquarium takes a lot of knowledge and patience. Additionally, there is not much interaction going on, especially compared to dogs and cats. So fish owners are believed to be good observers and beauty admirers. They don’t rush – they take things slow and enjoy the moment.

Of Course, Everyone Is Different!

Just because some experts have come up with general descriptions for different types of pet owners certainly doesn’t mean that all of these characteristics will always apply. After all, just as every pet is a unique individual, so is every human being. So, even if you don’t fit the basic descriptions above, don’t worry.

The most important thing is that you choose the right companion based on the environment that you can provide, the attention that you can give, and the resources that you have available to provide the very best care possible. So, if you’re ready to bring a pet home, take your time to make the right decision.

No matter what type of pet you decide to go with, whether it’s a dog or a reptile, one thing is certain: they will bring you joy, laughter, love, and companionship. And while reading some general characteristics and comparing them with certain pet owners may be fun, just remember – you do you and adopt whatever animal you want!

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