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GoGoPDF Features: Do It All In A Single Platform

GoGoPDF has a simple and straightforward interface. All of its features are nicely organized in a single browser, which makes GoGoPDF a one-stop online converter tool for everyone. Here are some examples of the features you can avail when you use GoGoPDF.

Merge and Split PDF

Another good recommendation of a GoGoPDF feature you can use to organize your document is to merge and split PDF in an effortless manner. Most individuals merge PDF to combine multiple PDF in your specific orderly fashion. You can start organizing your PDF into the website of GoGoPDF with the assurance of having a quality experience.

Sometimes you don’t need the whole part of the PDF and need only a specific part. You can choose the files that you want to split on the website of GoGoPDF. Merging and Splitting a document will take you about one or two minutes with only four easy and simple steps.

Converting Office files into PDF

Portable Document Format, or most commonly known as PDF, is one of the most used document formats today. You can have access to and read PDF documents anytime and anywhere as long as you have the right tools like Adobe Reader. PDF’sPDF’s are usually smaller in terms of file size, which makes it easier to share, email, and download.

One of the reasons why PDFs are so popular is because it is free. PDF documents are easier to understand because they have the exact format, font, font size, etc., from the publisher’s point of view. Hence, the importance of converting your Office files into a PDF document.

Converting PDF into Office files

It is essential to convert your Office files into PDF; It is also essential to convert your PDF into an Office file. When having a PDF document, it will always display the data the same no matter the device you use to open it. With so many formats to choose from, others require a specific type of format that corresponds to their usage.

When you convert your PDF into office files, it also allows you to edit your document freely. Each office file has different advantages. Do your best and try to maximize every document format.

Compress PDF

One of the many problems of dealing with electronic documents is its storage space. However, most device storage is designed to accept huge document file sizes. It is still essential to save up some rooms for your other online activities. You will never know when you will need them, and it is vital to be cautious and have extra storage available always.

One good example of maximizing your device storage is to compress your PDF. Compressing PDF makes the file size of a document smaller. Some online platforms only allow small file size documents into their system. Hence, the importance of having a compressing tool ready for your documents.

Repair PDF

Another common problem you might deal with when using electronic documents has a corrupted file. A file is corrupted because it might have been stored in device storage with a virus or malware. A solution you can do for you to recover your document is to repair your PDF. GoGoPDF will do its best for you to recover and restore your PDF.


GoGoPDF is one of the most simple interfaces combined with a neat and organized web design, makes it convenient for every individual that visits their websites and acquires their services. Its various features in its platform make its website a go-to and one-stop for your electronic document needs.

The features mentioned are well assured to be top-notch when it comes to quality. If you have some documents that need attention, always put GoGoPDF in the back of your mind.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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