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What Tools Does the Hairdresser Use in Their Job?

What tools does the hairdresser use?

The beauty industry today is developed very well. It is in demand and quite profitable for people involved in this field. The hairdressing business has an important place in the beauty industry. If you are already working as a hairdresser and are going to improve your skills, or if you want to become a hairdresser, you should take a look at Maksim Nitochkin’s seminars – You can learn a lot of useful information for work, which will be converted into profits in the future. But whatever skills you have, this work is impossible without the right tools for it. Hairdressing requires a set of special instruments. And it is not only scissors and comb. To make an interesting hairstyle, to perform what the client wants, you need a variety of devices. That is what we will talk about in this article.


Types of hairdressing tools

The tools needed to create a hairstyle can be divided into groups according to their purpose. There are tools for:

  • brushing hair;
  • haircutting;
  • hairstyling;
  • hair coloring;
  • perming.

Tools for creating a hairstyle

Let’s talk about each group of instruments in more detail.

Brushing devices include ordinary hairbrushes as well as round combs, which are needed to create shape and volume. It also includes massage brushes and combs. To cut hair, the master must have straight and trimming scissors, as well as an electric machine (trimmer). It is impossible to be without the tools for hair styling. These are various brushes and combs, a special comb, and a hairdryer. Also for hairstyling, you will need a curling iron. For hair coloring, you will need the following set of items. This is a brush, a styler, a bowl, gloves, a special tail-comb, clips to hold the hair, a pair of small combs, aluminum foil, and a 10 ml measuring cup. A styler will be handy during the coloring process, and a tail-comb is necessary during the hair melting process. All these items will be important especially for the stylist. To do a perm you will need a hood, a sponge, again a tail-comb, hair curlers of different sizes, and gloves. Sponges are needed to apply the chemical solution to the hair. You can choose curlers from any material: metal, plastic, or rubber. It should be noted that combs for women and men are different – having both types is recommended. The hairdresser should also have a hair curling iron to straighten curly hair. A razor is also required.

What tools are required for a beginner hairdresser

As you can see, hairdressing requires many different products. But what about the novice hairdresser – does he need to buy it all from the start? A person who has just entered the profession should not chase expensive brand-name tools. For example, scissors for making classic cuts will be enough at first, and then, as the professional level increases, you can buy scissors with a sliding cut. It is not necessary to buy a lot of different combs, because at the beginning many of them may simply not be needed. What you shouldn’t skimp on are a hair trimmer and a hairdryer. These tools are part of the essentials of any hairdresser’s kit.

What scissors should a hairdresser buy?

A beginner should choose scissors of medium grade (scissors are tentatively classified into five grades). It is necessary to choose a tool with the right diameter of the ring for your thumb. Otherwise, it will be impossible to hold the scissors correctly. The best quality scissors are made of good alloy steel.

What is the best hair dryer for a hairdresser?

You need a professional and powerful hairdryer. For a hair salon, you need a professional hairdryer with at least 1600 watts of power. The function of air ionization is also good to have. Comfort in the hand is also important: it should be easy to hold and not be too heavy. Along with a hairdryer you can buy a diffuser – a nozzle for drying curly hair. Using the diffuser you can also create curls.

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