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How to Put In Sew-in Hair Extensions: Tips for Professionals

Sew-in hair extensions is one of the extension methods that currently is the most popular in North America.

Customers appreciate it for the fact that their hairstyle looks as natural as possible, and the way of strands fixation allows to avoid length loss during reapplication procedures.

Also, hand-tied wefts are most comfortable in wearing. Of course, to make these extensions absolutely unnoticeable and safe for natural hair, the stylist should know how to fix them properly.

Read about it in our article.

How to Apply Sew-in Hair Extensions: Step-By-Step Guide

Sew-ins is the name of an extension method when the strands are sewn into a braid made around the head. 

We recommend working with hand-tied wefts – thin, convenient and neat handmade tresses. Unlike a thicker machine-tied weft, which is made with a special machine, a hand-tied weft is more comfortable in wearing and less noticeable. It does not make natural hair heavier and does not put additional stress on the roots.

How this extensions technique is done:

  • First, a thin braid is made around the head. 

It should not be too close to the roots, otherwise, it may cause discomfort in wearing.

Also, the braid shouldn’t be too tight, otherwise, it can weaken hair roots and lead to hair loss.

  • Then a weft is sewn into the braid.

The process of reapplication:

  • First, the stylist removes the weft.
  • Then the old braid is undone and the new one is made.
  • The tress is sewn back into the new braid.

Unlike bonds and tapes, which are cut while the reapplication, your clients will not lose any inch of length!

In addition to the correct extension technique, it is important to buy quality hair that will fit natural strands and look as natural as possible.

Visit I Love Slavic Hair online store: here you will find the best handmade wefts for sew-in extensions. 

The company is a direct supplier of Slavic and Russian hair: it is the best material with which top stylists work in the United States and Canada. Using the products of this brand, you will take the quality of your services to a new level, your customers will surely appreciate this approach!

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