Honeycomb Is a Real Dlite

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Honeycomb Dlite

The Honeycomb Dlite is suitable for various purposes, such as meetings, brainstorming, or consultations and you alternate between standing and sitting quickly. Alternating between standing and sitting during work ensures greater variation in position throughout the day.

The effect of alternating between standing and sitting enables better concentration for longer (Ebara, et al., 2008)

When switching from a sitting to a standing position, your brain is capable of generating 2.5 times as many new ideas.

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Multifunctional, mobile & unique

The Honeycomb Dlite is ideal for your company if you want to make the most of agile working. This desk allows you to set up your work environment quickly and easily. This means that you as an organization need to create different office spaces with provisions that suit the activities. Such as scrum event rooms, team spaces, a living room setting and quiet spaces. We developed the Honeycomb Dlite with this in mind. A multifunctional, flexible stand-sit desk that is suitable for various purposes.

Benefits of the Honeycomb Dlite


The desk is suitable for various purposes. The desktop is 60 cm in diameter, so it is easy to move. You can create any configuration desired for meetings, consultations, lunch, or drinks


The Honeycomb Dlite has a honeycomb shape. This makes the desk unique in terms of shape and modular with respect to use.


The height of the desk can be adjusted easily. This is simple to do with the aid of a foot pedal.


The Honeycomb Dlite is easy to move around in any space because it is very lightweight.


Several tables can be pushed together in different ways to create various configurations and shapes.


The desktop is collapsible, so it can be moved easily and save space.

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