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5 Inspiring Office Refurbishment Ideas for 2021

Every year comes with a new trend of designs for offices and other workplaces. These super cool design trends bring new energy to your office and your team. Take advantage of this article and come up with new ideas for your next office refurbishment.

These designs are chosen by highly trained designers bringing you the up-to-date trendy design that attracts and values design retaining its essence.

Fusion office design personally understands what the company is about; they always keep their customers in the first place and deliver one-of-a-kind inspiring design solutions. Visit the Fusion office design website for more details. Click here.

Have a look at these five new office refurbishment design trends to inform your renovation ideas if you’re looking to bring energetic change to your office in 2021.

These Office Renovation Ideas Inspire Productivity and proficiency and help you plan, design, and re-build your dream office. Fusion office design can help you to renovate your workspace or build a brand-new office by taking control. Get in touch with Fusion office design today to talk about your office refurbishment project.

Combine Work Space with your Living Space

Coordinating workspace and living space to design office space is the first very popular trend in 2021. Due to this horrible Coronavirus pandemic, non-essential workers are advised to work from home. So many people enjoyed the familiarity and comfort of their home office.

Apart from this, remote job/work had also become a rising trend even before the coronavirus pandemic, which for many flexible companies proved really great as they find great talent for their company. Employees working from home feel calm and confident in the office. Happy and confident employees bring more productivity. Combine the hybrid living and working design into your office. You can make it happen by adding accents of color and increasing natural light. Ensure cohesive space in your office by putting some effort while choosing office furniture. You can go for natural wood furniture, docking stations and plush couches with accent pillows making your employees feel like they are working in their house.

Bring Acoustic Furniture

Another latest trend of 2021 is Acoustic furniture which combines having personal space and sound control in a shared office environment. Its high-tech and modern design bring the futuristic element into your new office.

By offering acoustic office furniture in your open-floor-plan space, more and more office employees come into the office, boost confidence and productivity.

Here is a list of acoustic furniture for your office

  • Office phone booths
  • Pod chairs
  • Private booths
  • Sound-absorbing furniture

Having acoustic furniture in your office helps mitigate chatter, and employees can focus more on their work. Pod chairs and private booths are built for the individual person. It mainly helps with social distancing. The intimate space is excellent for maintaining focus and avoiding distractions during work.

Incorporate Team-Building Elements

Bringing team-building elements in the office is the no.3 trend of 2021 on our list. If we talk about brainstorming areas in the office, for example, open rooms with whiteboards for taking notes and exchanging ideas among team members. To blow off work steam, there can be game rooms for employees with table football or darts or a pingpong table. All of these are a team-building element that inspires collaboration and shows how the company is playful and flexible.

An open-concept space with high-tech elements which reflect the company’s culture and attract future clients is also a great idea for office refurbishments. Click here.

Create an Agile Workspace

Agile workspace is great for employee collaboration. It makes it easy for workers to move from one place to another with their laptops. Agile model workspace is a rising design trend in office refurbishment because of these so many good reasons.

With an agile workspace, you get

  • An open-concept workspace
  • Employees don’t need to rely on a shared conference room to take meeting
  • Employees easily accomplish different types of work like brainstorming, regenerating, concentrating, etc.

Add your design spin on the types of zones you want to add to your office. Define zones in your office like quiet zone, brainstorming zone. Give all of them a different look; it will make it easy for your team to easily flow from space to space and bring more productivity.

Use Biophilic Design

Fusion office design has the best team of designing experts in biophilic design. Biophilic design is a non-stop rising design trend. It perfectly blends nature with design and well-being.

Biophilic spaces make human beings healthy and happier. Healthy and happy employees mean more productivity for the organization. Use biophilic design to improve health and wellness.

The biophilic design includes:

  • Elements of greenery
  • Natural analogs
  • Dedicated break areas to regenerate
  • Improved air quality and lighting

Plants improve air quality. Greenery is known to reduce stress, plus it shows that you care about the environment and sustainability.

If you any of these design trends to bring it your office and have questions related to them, then our design experts are here to help. Get in touch with Fusion office design today to talk about your next office Refurbishment. Click here.

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