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Why Standing Desks Can’t Be Called Overrated?

Why Standing Desks Can`t Be Called Overrated?

When you are thinking about upgrading your working place with a standing desk, only the item price might become an obstacle. Let us check whether buying a standing or rather a height-adjustable desk is a wise decision and what benefits this purchase brings.

Health-Related Benefits of a Standing Desk

When you decide to buy standing desk, consider first of all health benefits. It is proven that a height-adjustable table can help you to solve such issues with health as:

  • Overweight: when you have a chance to change from a sitting to a standing position, you burn more calories;
  • Back- and neck-aches: in a standing position, your back has a chance to take its natural shape. It helps to reduce pains in the back. The same applies to your neck;
  • The increased sugar level in blood: you have a chance to move more after food. It is needed to drop the sugar level in blood and prevent diabetes development.

You can add to all the useful effects if you do simple exercises. Some of them are extremely convenient to do at a standing desk. Among the most popular exercises are:

  • Lifting on your toes;
  • Push-ups;
  • Jogging in place;
  • Raising legs when sitting.

There are many more funny and useful exercises. Some of them are almost unnoticeable to your colleagues. You can start with them. When you gain more confidence or your colleagues start wondering how you manage to keep fit, you can share your secret with them and move on with more complex exercises. Even the most sceptical colleagues might want to join you!

Work-Related Benefits

At work, you are expected to bring the best results. Thus, an increase in the productivity level is appreciated. With a standing desk, you feel better. Thus, your mood is better, and you can work more efficiently. It is a good reason to refurbish the office even for your greediest employer.

A Height-Adjustable Desk Looks Cool

It is always pleasant if your working place looks nice and fashionable. A height-adjustable desk can complement to the interior make your office look in the most fashionable way. The new furniture piece shall be chosen properly to make the needed effect.

When choosing a desk (if you are asked to do it for the office or you have decided to install it at home), consider such factors as:

  • The interior design: if your office is arranged in a rustic style, you shall choose a desktop to match the environment. For example, a wooden desktop can be fine, while a high-tech design might look odd;
  • Space where the desk will be placed: simply put, your new item shall fit in the place assigned;
  • The weight lifting abilities of your new item: there is no issue if you use a lightweight laptop for work. But if several monitors are involved, or piles or papers are your constant companions, check whether the desk you like can support the weight of all the tools.

A height-adjustable desk is a decent investment. But if you choose it correctly, it will pay off very fast.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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