Sir Alex Ferguson’s Legacy Tarnished? Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography – Review

No spoilers, just a quick and concise review

Perhaps the most intriguing thing I found whilst indulging in this autobiography was the absolute, brutal truth with which Sir Alex Ferguson wrote with. It was a no holds barred story of the life and career of the most decorated manager the Premeir league has ever seen. There were inside stories, attacks on talents and personalities of players and managers alike and a personal look through Sir Alex Ferguson’s own words into his life outside of the wonderful game resulting in a captivating, intriguing and jawdropping read. As an avid football fan, I love everything to do with the sport. So it is no wonder that when I learned of the imminent release of the autobiography of the great Sir Alex Ferguson I thought “I have to have it”. And my god it did not disappoint.

Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson in the 1996/97 Treble winning season seen carrying the FA Cup and Premier League Trophies.

This Autobiography covers everything in such great detail from the time he managed in Scotland, to the early days of Manchester United and the takeover by the Glaziers. The rivals with famous managers to the relationships with former and current players alike there is no stone unturned when it comes to devouring the contents of this book.

The chapter titles outline the path this book was gonna take from the outset and I could tell instantly that there were gonna be a few scores settled by the end of the read. I was not wrong!

The book starts off with an in depth look into the personal life of Sir Alex Ferguson. It gave us a great insight deep into how the mind of one of the giants of world football works. An understanding of his outlook on life. Absolute control is the what defines his thinking. His philosophy is control, whether that be complete control of the running of the football club to techiniques which gave him control off the pitch. From his famous antics with the media leading to teams crumbling under pressure, as seen with Kevin Keegan in the 1995/96 season, to introducing chess to players to speed up their critical thinking time. This book is plastered with examples of his OCD like attention to detail and amazing mind games which were entrenched in his thinking right from the word go and lead to the definition of his character.

Roy Keane
Roy Keane- Manchester United captain who didn’t take well from criticism from the old ‘Boss’.

Sir Alex Ferguson took a bold and some may say brave step by openly criticising and lambasting players who gave him succes aswell as current managers, one of which is currently occupying the very same position he once took up himself. Chapter titles such as ‘Mourinho – The ‘Special’ Rival’ , ‘Beckham’, and by far the most vicious one ‘Keane’ changed the opinions of many fans of Sir Alex Ferguson and some may even say tarnished his legacy. Question is was there any need? What did Sir Alex Ferguson really acheive by openly criticising some of the very players who were in large part responsible for his own achievements?

I personally loved the way in which Sir Alex wrote with no prudency. I love how the reader gets a raw and uncut look behind the scenes of what really happens behind closed doors. His reasoning behind tiny actions and tactics which were overlooked by the masses but proved to be instrumental in his success. I think that this book creates a sense of motivation inside the reader. It ensues the reader to think more about tiny details in their own lives and how they can improve themselves.

So was it worth the backlash and crticisim he received by the media, players and fans? Did it tarnish his legacy? and does it show a man lacking loyalties to not only the players but the very football club itself by associating the the great Manchester United Football Club with petty personal squables between a clash of personalities??

Thats for you to read and decide!

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