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What Sports Do People Bet On?

Are you feeling lucky? With your fate in your hands do you think you can pick a winner or make a combination of special predictions and become rich? Despite popular belief, sports betting isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it takes a considerable amount of effort, analytic skills, and patience to become a successful sport better.

As a newbie or perhaps someone who needs a betting site with better options, finding a trusted betting site could be a bit tough especially with all the brands available online. However, with some guidance you can find the best football betting sites online that also offer betting options for other sports.

Also, you should look up our tipster, Evelyn Balyton as she has helped a lot of folks just like you to maximize their chances of winning on Philippines sports betting platforms and other sports betting sites all over the world. Follow this link to learn more about her.

So, now that we are here, did you know that because of the acceptance of soccer all over the world football betting sites are very popular? Well yes, but there are tons of other sporting event asides football that you could cash in on big time.

That’s why in this post we will be exploring some of the top, most exciting sporting events or markets that you bet on and making more money of betting. As a matter of fact, in choosing the best sites for bet, it is better to pick the sites that offer more sports option on their sites.

Now here are the top sports that you could get lucky placing bets on:

1. Football

Here is a pop quiz, what is the most popular sport in the world? The answer is football, if you have been paying attention so far then this was probably the easiest quiz, right?

With billions of passionate football fans all over the world, football betting sites enjoy a lot of patronage. So why should you be betting on football games?

First off, when it comes to market options Philippines betting sites and other sports betting brands in other countries offer an overwhelming number of options which should better your chances of winning.

What’s more? Most online platforms in the sports for betting industry these days offer unique virtual football betting which ensures that customers don’t have to wait for actual football games to bet on. They can place a stake every day on their favorite football matches happening in the biggest international leagues like the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and a few other big leagues and stand a chance of winning. A lot of bettors are very excited by this feature. Also, we recommend you look for the best bookmakers for football you can find available in your location for a complete experience.

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2. Basketball

Basketball is a very high-octane sport that also has a rabid fan following all over the world mostly because of the popularity of the biggest basketball league in the world; the NBA. So just like with football betting, fans and followers of the NBA and other major basketball leagues and competitions can leverage on their knowledge to make money daily.

Some of the best sites for bet offer additional betting market in this sport that allow customers to place bets on individual player stats like point, assist, or rebounding numbers. There are several basketball betting experts that can assist you bet better and win.

3. Tennis

It is your turn to hold serve and retain advantage, yes! Tennis is yet another major sport when it comes to sports for betting and fans of the sports and non-fans alike stake bets on this particular sport on a daily purpose. Tennis tournaments both professional like the US Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Australian Open and amateur involving men and women players provide opportunities for punters to take advantage of.

Of course, just like with every other sport, to bet on Tennis you might need to have an understanding of how the sport is played as this will help inform your decision when picking bet options.

4. Moto Sports

Have you ever attended a live F1 or Moto GP event, do you remember the rush and excitement emanating from the race track? Betting on this sport can be as thrilling as the drama and suspense from the black top can carry onto bet slips. You can directly bet on the top stars in this sport to win races. But also, some of the best sites for bets offer very interesting and unique markets for the moto sports purest.

5. Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most bet on sport event before this century because of the fantastic beasts that horses are, think about the phrase horse power, but of course it is also a wonderful sporting event because there is a lot of money in it.

The days when you have to go and place bets on the horse racing track arenas are long gone even though a lot of people still enjoy this. Online bettors now have the advantage of staking on this sport from their phones or computers online.

two man riding horse while racing

6. Rugby and American Football

You love contact sports and know a thing a or two about Rugby or the NFL (American football), you can turn interest into a way of making money. As these sports continues to grow all around the world, we suspect that more bet enthusiasts will get more into betting on this sports.

7. MMA and the UFC

Mixed martial arts and the various brands connected to this sport are taking the betting industry by storm and this is one sport that you might want to jump on as it also offers a lot of rewards. Follow the form of the global stars and wager on the result of their fights.


There are several other sports that you can bet on online and possibly make money of them, all you need to do is to check out top picks and predictions from professional tipsters to discover tips on how to bet.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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