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6 Great Gift Ideas For Avid Chocoholics

Chocolate makes the world go round, right? Everyone has time for a bit of chocolate in their life, regardless of the size, shape or flavours that they come in. The popularity of chocolate has made the market explode in recent years, with more and more original and exciting gift ideas available for you to browse…

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#1 Let Them Eat Candles

Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner? Instead of defiling a gorgeous cake with drippy wax candles, why not choose delicious chocolate candles you can light and eat?  Thanks to the  clever chocolatiers at Let Them Eat Candles®, you can now enhance your party cakes and cupcakes with premium milk or dark chocolate candles, festively decorated with your choice of six colorful designs.

Can you really light these candles? Yes. Each candle has a short paraffin-coated cotton wick that burns just long enough to sing “Happy Birthday” or cheer the guest of honor. Blow out the candle, remove the (cooled) wick and enjoy some premium chocolate.

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#2 MarieBelle Chocolates


Mariebelle chocolates makes a wonderful gift idea for chocolate lovers.

These quality and unique chocolates come in flavors like green tea, passion fruit, and even bacon! Ranging in price from $4-200+, they are sure to please any sweet tooth and wallet.

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#4 Dino Dig Hot Cocoa

A clever take on your traditional hot cocoa, perfect for any playful chocolate lover. Dinosaur bones are made out of caramelized white chocolate and crunchy cocoa nibs then buried them in rich cocoa powder blended with cinnamon, cloves, and cane sugar. Proudly handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.

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#6 Beekman 1802’s Goat Poop

Beekman 1802 is a line of goat milk products founded by the Beekman Boys. They produce farm-to-table foods, farm-to-skin beauty and artisan-made home products. All their products focus on natural ingredients inspired by their farm.

Their artisans were working hard to find an innovative and creative product to launch - and thus goat poop was born. The mix is full of smooth and creamy melt-in-your-mouth chocolate with crunchy pretzels, almonds, hazelnuts, cookies, malt balls, and chewy caramels! We also have delicious Chocolate Covered Goat Milk Salted Caramels Salty Goat Milk Fudge Cookies and our all-time favorite, our Cocoa mix.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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