Sibling Love: 5 Great Activities For Brothers And Sisters

Whether best friends or bitter enemies, there’s definitely an art to getting siblings together and enjoying some genuine and honest quality time together. Finding the perfect blend of something that is fun and entertaining whilst simultaneously improving the existing relationship between them can be a headache for some, which is coincidentally where this piece comes in handy…

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#1 Escape Rooms

In my experience the best bonding experience for siblings is Escape Rooms. This is especially true for siblings that may not already be very close, or have a large age difference.

There is something unique that happens when people are locked in a room together and are forced to collaborate to escape. In the excitement, people tend to band together and work as a unit. This means lots of communication, problem solving, and a shared goal. Better yet, after the experience there are usually hours worth of conversation to be had discussing likes/dislikes, the exciting bits, or how it could have been better. The uniqueness and adrenaline rush of the experience makes it second to none for sibling activity in my book.

Contributor: Brendan Dubbels, Co-Founder at escapebase

#2 Board Games

I've seen a lot of families come in to pick up board games - particularly cooperative board games - as a way to foster constructive face-to-face interaction and put down the screens for a change. Cooperative games are a great way to keep things light, putting everyone on the same team against a shared challenge, instead of pitting sibling against sibling (often a recipe for disaster).

Contributor: Andrea Robertson from onestop games

#3 Cooking Together

My favorite activity to do with my sibling is to cook dinner together, as it is a fun bonding activity, and then we both get a good meal to eat after. When my sister and I lived in the same city, we would cook and eat dinner together once a week.

Contributor: Stacy Caprio from conversiono

#4 ‘Detective’ (Get To Know You)

My favorite game that older and younger siblings can play together to help them get along and bridge the age gap and relationship build is a game I created called 'Detective'. Mom or Dad supervises while each child takes a turn asking the other child a 'get-to-know-you' question. The question can be fun or more personal like, What's your favorite color (dessert, dinner, best friend)?, or What scares you the most?. 'Detective' is a fabulous way to get closer to someone and deepen the already established bond.

Contributor: Dr. Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, author, 'The Self-Aware Parent' at dr fran walfish

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Written by James Metcalfe

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