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10 Bucket List Ideas

I am sure you have heard of a bucket list, but have you started collecting activities for it yet?

A bucket list is a selection of experiences a person wants to have before they die. Rather than looking at this in a morbid light, I think creating a bucket list is a rather exciting task!

If you don’t know where to start, I have compiled a list of some of the most loved bucket list items.

Every year, you can reevaluate your list. Perhaps move some items up, or come down. Sticking to a list can help keep you motivated toward achieving your goal.

Having a bucket list will help you live a life full of aspirations and dreams!

1. Take a trip alone

We have been bogged down with global lockdowns for over two years now. But, as things start opening up, take this opportunity to see the world as much as you can!

But, even better – try to see it alone! This can be an incredibly enriching experience, that I really recommend.

Solo trips will push you further out of your comfort zone. Not only this, you will be totally in control of the activities and pace you wish to move at!

2. Have a tarot card reading

Do you believe in the world of psychics and tarot readers? Well, you’re trying it anyway!

Keep an open mind going into this experience – it could be life-changing! Thanks to the internet, you can now get readings from trusted psychics online at a fantastic price.

3. Go on a road trip

Wherever you are based in the world, there is bound to be an amazing road trip opportunity not too far from you. Whether it is travelling Route 66 or the North Coast 500, you are sure to have a beautiful and peaceful trip.

4. Join a book club

Reading in itself is wonderful – why not make new friends in the process! This will be a perfect way to ensure you are reading enough, as well as giving you a unique approach to socialising.

5. Get an astrology reading

Yes, we are back in the world of Woo-Woo. But seriously, what is holding you back?

Astrology is an ancient art form. It’s been around for ages! So why not see what the professionals can decipher from your birth chart.

By looking at your chart, astrologers are able to see your strengths and weaknesses. Also, they might be able to tell you the best time to start a new career, or move houses – all from looking at the stars!

6. Do a cooking course in a new cuisine

A cooking course can be a fantastic way to learn more about a different culture from one’s own.

Food naturally brings us together so you can use these new skills to gather together with family and friends, introducing them to a new cuisine also!

7. Do tourist activities in your own town

Hear me out! Have you actually visited the tourist attractions in your town? I am sure there are tonnes of interesting things to visit near you.

Check out any new restaurants, or what is showing at the local museum!

8. Go to a roller disco

Have you ever been roller skating? If not, roller discos are super welcoming to people of all levels. So throw yourself in there!

You might even find a new passion. Roller skating is a great way to combine fitness with fun! It is also such a social activity, I am sure you will meet some amazing people.

9. Try going to a Festival

Festivals have also returned to normal, post-Pandemic. There are so so many different types of festivals going on all over the world!

If music isn’t your thing, there are art festivals, food festivals, wine festivals and more! So find one that is suited to your passions.

10. Have a hot air balloon ride

Whether you are scared of heights or have always been a thrill-seeker – this one is a must for the bucket list!

This activity can also be romantic, as well as a fun solo activity to see the area from a different perspective.

So, there is no time like the present. Try not to think of your bucket list as something you will address later in your life, as sadly tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Start ticking things off!

I understand that some activities can feel a little overwhelming, so why not start small. There are a few items that can not only be done from the comfort of your own home but in your local town too.


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