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Unique Proposal Ideas to Surprise Your Loved One

Marriage proposals usually lack the surprise factor. In fact, a survey published in Cision showed that only 35% of proposees said their proposals were surprises. The truth is that by the time couples are ready to get married, they have probably discussed marriage many times. Often, one partner will run the idea of rings by their loved one to get a good idea of the type of engagement ring that suits their tastes. Even if your future fiancée may suspect the big moment is coming up, you can still maintain an element of surprise by proposing in a way they would never expect. Below are just a few ideas that may inspire you.

Customizing the Moment

Prior to the pandemic, proposals were either about romantic weekend getaways to a romantic destination, or classic dinners at romantic restaurants. The past couple of years have really highlighted the value that our loved ones have in our lives, and this is evident in new proposal trends—including ultra-personalized proposals. Some couples are creating photo albums featuring their first text messages, photographs, tickets to special concerts or films, and letters. Others are choosing engagement ring styles with a specific meaning. We recently saw Ben Affleck propose to Jennifer Lopez with a massive green sparkler because green is her lucky color. Other proposers are choosing unique designs (such as infinity bands or rose-cut diamonds) because the recipient is into creative or vintage designs, respectively. A proposal is all about building a moment that will be treasured because of the thought and sentiment that has gone into it.

A Taste of Adventure

If your future fiancée loves nothing more than spending time in the Great Outdoors and taking in the majesty of unique landscapes, then you can always pop the question right after you help them complete a new goal. It might be running a marathon in the Sahara, running across a lava field in the Icelandic Highlands, or completing a thrilling white water rafting excursion in Snake River, Wyoming. The best thing about adventure dates is that they are so awe-inspiring that your fiancée’s focus will probably be on the adventure itself. Little will they know that a far more exciting one is just around the bend. 

A Multi-Layered Affair

Imagine if you could include not just one surprise element in your proposal, but various. One good place to start is to think of all the things your future fiancée loves. They may be into 80s music, for instance, as well as tulips, street dancing, and a specific bottle of wine. You can then put your plan into action, with the help of a wedding planner or by contracting different professionals yourself and doing a test run. You can book a table at an al fresco restaurant, for instance, and have them play music from your chosen playlist (imagine your fiancée marveling as songs from the 80s start to play). A dancer can then appear, performing a magnificent street dance. Throughout the night, your server can fill your fiancée’s glass with the “house wine” (which is actually your loved one’s favorite bottle). Finally, a live singer can appear crooning your loved one’s favorite romantic song while you pull out the ring and get down on bended knee!

Most proposees can sense that their special moment is arising. However, that doesn’t mean that the proposal has to be devoid of surprise. Rather than asking them to dress up for a special occasion or giving them other clues that ‘today is the day’, prepare a customized proposal in your free time, go on an adventurous date, or enjoy an experience that captures your loved one’s favorite things in life.

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