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5 Unconventional Guestbook Ideas for Your Wedding

Are you looking for fun and unique ways to remember your special day? While not all people use guestbooks at their weddings, they’re a fun way to remember your guests and the fun time that you all shared.

But you don’t want a boring guestbook, right? Why do something mundane when you can make something that you’ll love to have as a future reminder of your wedding day?

We have a few unique guestbook ideas that can inspire you when you’re creating your own. Keep reading to learn more.

1. A Polaroid Guest “Book”

Do you want to keep photos of your friends and family alongside their signatures? Why not use a Polaroid (or similar camera) to take instant photos and have your guests sign their names?

There’s something charming about instant photos. They’re vintage, low-detail enough to hide our flaws, and totally on-trend. They’re also a lot of fun!

Set up an area near the entrance of your wedding where your friends can have their photos taken. Leave instructions for them to sign the border of the photo and write a note on the back if they choose.

While you can have people take photos of each other, it’s a good idea to designate someone as the Polaroid photographer to make sure everyone gets a photo.

For more fun, consider setting up a DIY photobooth for your friends to use. You can include a fun background, silly props, or anything else that makes the photos feel more festive.

When the wedding is over, collect the photos in a photo album or hang them in a frame large enough for you to arrange them all.

2. Writing on a Keepsake

Are you tired of guestbooks on paper? Looking for a wedding guestbook that’s as long-lasting as your marriage?

Why limit yourself to a literal “book?” You can sign anything at all, so get creative and think about what you’d like to keep in your home.

You can get a plain vase and leave some permanent pens or markers so your guests can easily write on it. You can get a quilt with each section dedicated to a certain guest.

Do you have a favorite hobby? If you’re a musician, consider having everyone sign a guitar that you can keep in your music room. If you love to skateboard, why not adorn a board with the signatures of your loved ones?

Get creative and make your “book” into a keepsake instead. It will fit right in next to every guest’s personalized gift idea on your wedding table.

3. Hand-Drawn Guestbooks

So what if you’re on-board for paper, but you’re tired of the same old signatures that everyone else has? If you want something that represents your friends, why not make them get more creative?

Ask your friends to doodle pictures of themselves alongside their signatures. Make sure that everyone knows that they can be simple (after all, stick figures are welcome) and that they don’t have to worry about being artists.

You’ll be surprised at how creative some people can be when given the opportunity.

Having all of these doodled self-portraits in your guestbook will make a sweet memory when you’re looking back at your special day. You also might have a few laughs!

4. Signed Puzzle Pieces

This is a fun way to make a game out of your guestbook experience after your wedding is over.

Get a plank puzzle board and break all of the pieces apart. Put them all in a large, decorative jar and place some markers nearby.

Ask all of your guests to sign the puzzle piece and add some designs to give it more decorative flair. Consider asking them to decorate both sides just in case.

When you bring the pieces home, you and your new spouse get to put the puzzle together and see what your friends and family members decided to do with their pieces.

5. Origami Guestbook

Are you looking for another creative way to use paper? Why not try origami guest papers?

This is a little bit more intricate, but there are several ways to make it easier on your guests. After all, not everyone is an expert in folding paper.

Lay origami paper out (wrapping paper also works well for this. You want thin and square paper that’s easy to fold and crease) where you’d otherwise put your guestbook. Tell your guests to sign the papers as normal. If you have multiple colors of paper, make sure to ask them to pick their favorites.

Then you have some options. If you want everyone to be able to choose how they fold their paper, tell them so. Some people may do intricate designs, like paper cranes. Others may stick to paper airplanes or even those “cootie catchers” that many of us made in school.

If you want more consistency, leave instructions for how to make something.

If you don’t care about seeing the signatures themselves, consider doing origami stars instead. Instead of square sheets of paper, you’re going to want long strips.

Tell your friends to sign the paper and write a wish for you on the strip, and then fold the paper into a star. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it.

Have everyone put the stars into a jar and make the jar one of your wedding keepsakes. They’re supposed to be good luck!

We Love These DIY Guestbook Ideas

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a fun and unique guestbook for your wedding. With these guestbook ideas, you can get creative and get a wonderful keepsake for you to look at forever to remember your wedding fondly.

Your wedding guestbook should be special. Make it your own!

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