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North Coast 500 Named As The Most Dangerous Road Trip In The UK

Scotland’s North Coast 500, a popular 516-mile route through the country’s north coast, has been declared the ‘most dangerous’ road trip in the UK, data collected from the Department of Transport reveals. Online car trader specialists, We Buy Broken Vans, compiled the data (including info on Road Safety Data for Accidents between 2016-2020) to determine the nation’s most deadliest routes. Although the data doesn’t consider the severity of the collisions (minor, serious, or fatal), it does emphasize the need to prioritize road trip safety. 

Most dangerous routes

Although the North Coast 500 takes the title of the UK’s most popular road trip, it’s also the most dangerous. 307 road accidents occured along the route between 2016-2020. England’s famous Devon to Cornwall route is the second most dangerous road trip (totalling 133 collisions between 2016-2020). And, Snowdonia comes in as the third most dangerous route — one of the most scenic drives through Wales. 125 collisions occurred here between 2016-2020. Despite these statistics, road trips remain more popular than ever. In January alone, searches for “road trips” soared by 142%, an increase set to continue as we head into spring and summer.

Road trip safety 

If you’re planning a road trip either in the UK or the US, it’s important to drive responsibility and keep yourself safe on the road. If you do get into an accident, it’s important to know your legal rights, FVF Law explains. An experienced traffic accident lawyer can help you recover compensation to pay for serious losses. Moreover, before your road trip, making sure your car is in good shape can help prevent any issues on the road. So, book a simple maintenance appointment at your local garage to check your oil and fluid levels, tire pressure, tread levels, and wiper blades in advance.
“We never want to put people off exploring these amazing routes”, said Dominic Hickman, lead consultant at We Buy Broken Vans. “It’s the complete opposite; these Road Trips are a true testament to the beauty and diversity that can be found in the UK and something that everyone should have the chance to experience. We hope this data shows just how important road safety is and helps to remind people to stay safe and vigilant while out on UK roads, even if they’re out on holiday.”

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