Staying Safe: Common Natural Disasters in Florida

Florida is a wonderful state to live in, with so many amazing sights and events happening all over. However, it has some problems you should know about to stay safe, just like with any location. To help you stay alert, here’s a look at the common natural disasters that occur in Florida.

Heat Waves

Heat waves are common natural hazards. Because Florida is in a subtropical climate, it’s always a bit warmer than many of the states above it. This higher heat and climate can result in heat waves that cause massive damage across the state and endanger people without the means to cool themselves.

Sudden Earthquakes

While Florida is a safe state with little to no huge earthquake activity, some stronger ones happen occasionally. It’s best to be ready in the event of a bigger earthquake and know that minor earthquakes are not cause for concern.

Tropical Storms

Perhaps the most-known natural disasters in all of Florida are its tropical storms. These storms can come with intense winds and water, even forming into hurricanes in the right conditions. These are some of the most destructive forces in nature, but Floridians know how to clean a home after a hurricane to land on their feet afterward.

State Wildfires

Wildfires are common natural disasters in Florida that lead to thousands of acres burning every year and the destruction of houses year round. Sadly, there are many causes of wildfires that people can’t control. However, you can still get your home ready beforehand in the case of a wildfire, just like you can with any natural disaster. A good start would be to ensure a 30-foot area around your home without anything flammable to prevent the spread of fire. Also, use non-flammable materials for construction, like brick or concrete.

While it may seem like a morbid topic, knowing about the possible risks when living in a state means you can stay safe. Proper preparation is key to minimizing and preventing the effects of a natural disaster. That’s why it’s important that you take care of the prep beforehand when you live in Florida, as you head off the worst of what could happen.

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Written by Logan Voss

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