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Kids: 6 Ways To Keep Them Occupied And Happy

With the summer holidays fast looming, the thought of days of excitable kids running rampant demanding something to do are sure to roll a few eyes from most parents. Finding activities that are fun and enthralling for kids but aren’t in the form of a television set can be a challenge sometimes, but below are some of the finest examples of activities that are sure to keep and hold a child’s attention.

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#1 Martial Art Sports

Without a doubt, martial arts offers a positive outlet for kids to relieve stress, energy and learn life skills. Learning self-defense builds self-confidence and instills respect. SenseiSays is a curriculum designed specially to engage children with games, drills, and workouts to keep kids interested in building a better body, mind and spirit.

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#2 Kindness Rocks

Our favourite children’s activity at the moment is painting and decorating Kindness Rocks and hiding them in the local area or further a field when we go on holiday in the hope that other people will find them and post our creations on social media.

Once the kids have created their designs which could include ideas like bees, ladybirds or just patterns and colours they love, we use them as an excuse to get out and about. We look for places to hide our rocks and also keep an eye out to see if anyone has left their rocks to be discovered. It’s such a great activity for kids as it has a few dimensions to it and encourages kids to enjoy being outdoors as well.

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#3 Scavenger Hunts

One thing that I love doing to keep our kids occupied is scavenger hunts. No matter if you have toddlers or tweens, scavenger hunts can be designed to be easy or difficult and entertain for a few minutes or a few hours.

Kids naturally have an inquisitive mind and love to explore and find things, so it's the perfect way to get their brains working.

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#5 Baking

Baking has proven to be one of the most iconic and 'go-to' adventures for anyone hoping to help the kids kill some time during the day. Perfect for every kind of weather condition, time of day/season and any mood possible, baking teaches children not only about the ins and outs of food and the kitchen but it also inspires a great deal of creativity from them that they can take forward.

#6 Blanket Forts

An absolute must-have for anyone during a thunderstorm, blanket forts require a decent amount of determination and creativity for any kid out there hoping to master this particular art form. Inspiring self-forms of thinking, there are limitless possibilities available to any child out there, proving to be a fantastic time killer on even some of the bleakest of days. 

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