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Essential Rules of Vaping Etiquette

Although many people have come to embrace vaping as a convenient alternative to traditional cigarettes, it’s important for dedicated vapers to realize that people commonly equate this pastime with cigarette-smoking. As such, many non-smokers aren’t particularly keen on people vaping in their presence, particularly in enclosed spaces. So, while you may wish that you could pull out your vape pen anytime and anyplace, such behavior is generally frowned upon. To avoid drawing the ire of non-vapers, put the following pointers to good use. Additionally, for those interested in exploring options beyond vaping, including the use of bongs australia, it’s vital to understand the local regulations and societal attitudes towards such practices to ensure respectful and lawful usage.

Don’t Attempt to Hide What You’re Doing

If you get the urge to vape in a place where smoking is prohibited or in the presence of people who aren’t keen on vaping, you may be tempted to engage in stealth vaping – i.e., vaping while concealing what you’re doing from others. While this may strike you as a good idea in the moment, it’s practically guaranteed to backfire.

For starters, if you’re caught vaping in a store, restaurant or any other type of business in which doing so is frowned upon, you may find yourself asked to leave and never return. In addition to being banned from a favorite business, you’ll have to deal with all the embarrassment being caught in the act entails. Secondly, if you engage in stealth vaping when congregating with friends, family members or work colleagues, you’re liable to be labeled as rude in the very likely event that you’re caught. Even if no one comments on what you’re doing, your actions are sure to be noticed, as concealing both your vape cloud and the smell of your preferred cartridges is virtually impossible.

If you absolutely must vape in either of the scenarios discussed above, simply excuse yourself and find a designated smoking area. While this may strike you as cumbersome, this minor inconvenience stands to save you a number of headaches.

Always Ask for Permission

Not all businesses are equally upfront about their rules regarding vaping. While some establishments have readily-visible signs that outline their vaping policies, such signs are notably absent from others. This is why it’s never a good idea to make assumptions about a business’s views on vaping. For example, just because a sign isn’t posted in a certain establishment doesn’t mean that vaping is allowed. If you’re at all unclear on a business’s vaping policy, simply ask. Pulling out your vape pen and puffing away in the absence of clarity is unlikely to work out well.

This rule also applies to the homes of friends and family members. Just because these people know you and love you doesn’t mean they’re cool with you vaping in their residences. Even if they’re too polite to ask you to stop, they may not want you vaping in their presence. You can save yourself a lot of awkwardness by asking permission before taking out your vape pen. For good measure, make a point of asking every time, as being given permission once doesn’t necessarily equate to indefinite permission. Additionally, avoid sulking or flying off the handle in the event that someone tells you no.

Avoid Blowing Your Vape Cloud in People’s Faces

While it may not be quite as unpleasant as catching a face full of smoke, most people don’t appreciate having vape clouds blown into their faces. Not only is such behavior regarded as unpleasant by non-vapers, even fellow vaping enthusiasts are unlikely to look kindly upon this. So, if you regularly vape in the presence of others, make a point of blowing your vapor clouds in a direction where they’re unlikely to bother anyone. Should you require a refresher on how to inhale a vape or direct vapor clouds, the employees at your local vape store should be able to provide the information you seek.

Although vaping’s popularity has risen considerably over the last decade, it’s important to remember that not everyone is on board with this pastime. If someone isn’t a fan of traditional cigarette-smoking, it’s generally a safe bet that they won’t be amenable to vaping, either. That being the case, it’s imperative for vaping enthusiasts to adhere to certain rules of etiquette whenever they get the urge to pull out their vape pens. Anyone who’s unclear on what constitutes proper vaping etiquette should carefully review the pointers discussed above.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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