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6 Great Gift For Tweens This Easter

Get the not-so-little, not-quite-big guys the right gift.

No more children, but not quite teenagers yet, the tweens years are the brief stage where children barely realize what’s in store for them during adolescence. Oh, poor fools. They have no idea! But you do, and you can help a bit this Easter. Giving a tween the right gift that both is childishly fun and intellectually stimulating for their developing brains might be tricky task, but here we got some ideas to help you out.

#1 Watch City: Waltham Watch by Jessica Lucci

Watch City: Waltham Watch,” is a perfect tween Easter gift. Adventure, new beginnings, light rated G romance, strong female characters, and sprinkles of humour make this book perfect to share or read aloud. 

Contributor: Jessica from Jessica Lucci

  1. Delighted to be included in this list!

#2 Playtime Reversible Slumber Bag

The Slumber Bags and bed sheets have 50 interactive games for kids to play learn and sleep on! The Slumber Bags make a great play mat, cozy cover and sleep sack. The bed sheets are the perfect alternative to excessive TV watching and electronic devices!

Contributor: Kevin Gatlin from Playtime EDventures LLC

    #4 Pet me (Division Board Game)

    This is my favorite game for a simple reason that it goes around animals. I think it is important for parents to make sure they give the right values to their kids from the beginning and this game hits the right spot. It revolves around the division and gives them an idea of giving and how important it is. This game is for kids 8 years and above. 

    Contributor: Anvisha Singh from LogicRoots 

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    Written by Ben Skute