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25 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Granddaughter | Best Granddaughter Gifts

Buying for your granddaughter is no easy task. Fear not, we are here to help. Here are 25 thoughtful gift ideas for your granddaughter.

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#1 Magical, Glow in The Dark 13 Piece Fairy Garden Accessory Set

Because everyone needs a little magic! Wild Pixy's beautiful new handcrafted and painted creation is a 'Glow in the Dark 13 Piece Fairy Garden Set' that comes complete with a beautiful designer Gift Box.


  • Solar Glow in the Dark House - you know when the fairies are home!
  • Glow in Dark Pebbles!
  • Opening door on Fairy House. - perfect for Fairies coming and going!
  • Professionally Designed in the USA.
  • All of the pieces relate to each other (unlike competitors!)
  • High-quality durable Polyresin with a protective UV coating.
  • Lovingly Handcrafted and Hand Painted.

Spanning the generations Wild Pixy is loved by young and old. Why? Because they have created interactive garden accessories AND a magical experience! In a fast paced world they have provided an experience away from screens and technology and instead allow people to experience connection! Connection with nature, themselves, family, and the magic of childhood - no matter your age!

A great way to grow memories with your granddaughter!

Contributor: Melissa Davies from Wild Pixy

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  1. I so love that this gift is not technology based and will encourage my grandchildren to spend time in nature with me. That sold me on this product, plus the creator has done a super job at piecing together something that feels like a special gift.

  2. This has to be the most adorable gift idea ever, it allows fun, using your imaganation, and best of all you can use it anywhere ?

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#2 Unique Finger Watch Ring

The ideal accessory for girls and young women seeking something bold yet refined to make a fashion statement. With eleven one of a kind designs ranging from gold, rose gold, silver, matte black, white and copper.

If the granddaughter is still studying then the ring watch is not only a stylish but also functional gift too: “Have you ever been in the situation where you had an exam and had to leave your phone in the pocket for obvious reasons? And wouldn’t that be stress enough you have forgotten to wear your watch because you only wear it on certain occasions as it is too formal for school or maybe too uncomfortable to wear every day?

The watch ring is an ideal companion for your everyday student life but especially during exam time. You always have an eye on the time and there is no need to move around your wrist to check the time nor would you lose space when placing a chunky watch on your table.”

Contributor: Sarah from de Caron

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#3 Splashoo Kids Bath Bomb Set with Surprise Toys Inside

Extra large 5oz bath bombs come in 6 delicious aromas with 100% natural ingredients and colors. Floating, foaming and fizzing for more than 5 minutes your kids will stay longer in the tub to await their new toy inside!

There's over 24 to collect so let the anticipation for bath time build. It won’t be long till your kids are asking for more than one bath a day! Making bath time fun with our perfect kid's bath bombs

Contributor: Simon Spencer from Splashoo

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#4 Suede Microfiber Beach Towel

Does your granddaughter love to go to the beach or is a swimmer? Looking for a gift with a difference?

This is not your ordinary towel! Girls of all ages love them!

SILKY SOFT & VIBRANT DESIGNS - Designed with luxury, style, and comfort in mind, your granddaughter will love these eye-catching, vibrant cabana striped beach towels and will be the envy of all her friends at the beach and pool. They're super soft with a silky suede feel too so if she has sensitive skin these are perfect.

FOR GIRLS WHO DON'T LIKE SAND AT THE BEACH! The high-tech densely woven fabric repels sand far better than regular cotton and even standard microfiber. Just give it a good shake and the sand falls right off!

QUICK TO DRY - The high tech ultra-absorbent suede microfiber will pat her skin dry in seconds like a chamois, then the towel itself dries 5 x faster than a regular towel. It's perfect for the beach, gym, pool or anywhere else she will get wet.

A BIG TOWEL THAT FOLDS SMALLER suede microfiber is a thin fabric so it folds down to ¼ the size of a regular cotton towel. At 70 x 31, it's an extra large towel when rolled out. She will love that she can lay on it, wrap it around her and even use as a beach blanket. Ultra-lightweight and compact it's the perfect size for her beach or swim bag. For those granddaughters who are heading off soon on an overseas adventure, they are the ideal towel to travel with!

EASY CARE! Due to the towels quick drying and sand proof qualities, you don't need to wash it after every use. The colorfast, chlorine resistant fabric makes it extremely easy to wash and care for.

Priced under $20 it's the perfect gift for any age, toddlers or teens!

Contributor: Nat Dwyer from NewLyfe Simply Living

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  1. I have these towels, they are showstoppers! So many people have asked me where I bought them. So great for traveling because they take up half the space of standard towels. Plus they dry so much faster. Newlyfe towels make such a great gift.

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#5 The Owlconic Kids Analog Teaching Time Clock

In the current digital age, many children haven’t learned analog time. Our teaching clock makes a perfect gift for a grandparent to gift to a grandchild.

The clock is NOT a FAD toy that will be out of fashion and thrown away. It is a beautifully designed clock that helps children make the connection between digital and analog time.

The clock provides a perfect opportunity to bridge the generation gap. Conversations between you as the grandparent and your grandchild will flow as you have fun together learning about time. Embedding in your grandchild’s mind lasting memories of lessons learned every time they read analog time.

Contributor: Nicole from Owlconic

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#10 Shoenvious Design The Shoe Of Your Dreams

Shoenvious is an online platform that allows customers to design, personalize and order luxury shoes. The proprietary 3D design platform allows women to customize their shoes across hundreds of thousands of design possibilities.

The design process is simple. It begins by selecting a shape to form the base of the design, followed by material and color selection for every part of the shoe. Customers can opt for a left-shoe/right-shoe color mismatch and choose to add a personal inscription to the outsole or inner part of the shoe. Real-time rendering allows them to visualize their design before it gets made.

Shoes are then handmade to customer's specifications using top-quality leather and components, shipped around the world for free in 8-10 weeks and comes with a generous size guarantee wherein unused shoes will be remade at no extra charge. For those who are overwhelmed with the endless choices, they can also opt to customize pre-designed styles from the shoe gallery.

Contributor: Sau Noddings from Shoenvious 

#11 AJ’s Collection Personalized Necklace Open Name

When I was growing up, my name was very unusual and I never found it printed on things like keychains, mugs or pencils, let alone jewelry! 

One of my older relatives knew that about me and would buy me personalized items when she could and I LOVED it! 

AJ’s Collection hand makes customized sterling silver necklaces with name personalization which would make a thoughtful gift for any granddaughter, especially those with unusual names. 

Contributor: Daniel Cho from AJ’s Collection

#12 Easy to Bake Unicorn Cookbook

A charming Iowa cookbook full of Easy to Bake recipes you can do with your grandchildren! This 90 pages full color book of homespun rainbow classics is filled with stories of baking with my mom and grandmother in their cherry colored kitchen. It’s kid tested and mother approved! 

Contributor: Luke Stoffel from Cinderly, Inc.

#13 Purse Hook Ideal for Bathroom Stalls, Cubicles and Desks

If the granddaughter is an adult then this is an ideal purse hook or diaper bag hanger. If the granddaughter is school age then this hook is perfect for a school backpack. 

It keeps everything off the ground and hanging near you in plain sight and allows quick access. Ideal for bathroom stalls where you can hang your bag off the door, and not leave it sitting on the ground or in lap. 

Contributor: Ed Salatka from Meridian Solutions LLC

#14 The Piggy Box Modern Day Piggy Bank

The Piggy Box is a unique piggy bank that teaches real money skills! Grandparents love it because it’s a great financial education tool, and it makes for a meaningful gift that teaches a lasting and valuable lesson. Kids love it because it’s fun and easy to use!

The piggy boxes feature drawers with built-in organizers to make saving money simple. Kids can sort bills and coins in each drawer. Drawers for saving, giving, and spending show kids that they have important and intentional choices to make about how they save. The Piggy Box even pairs with a user-friendly app for digital tracking. Our goal is to help kids be money smart and generous!

Contributor: Esther Diaz from The Piggy Box

#15 Ocean Raiders Math Game

It is an extremely engaging game designed around an adventurous story of kids, who try to find the gold that had been misplaced long ago. This game is for kids 4 years and above and generally enjoyed by parents and teachers also. This does not require batteries. 

Contributor: Anvisha Singh from LogicRoots 

#17 PlantOGram Anna Apple Tree Variety Grafted

Gifting your granddaughter a PlantOGram Anna Apple tree is a gift that she will never forget about. From the moment it arrives in a gorgeous 5-foot box, reading the card that her grandparents took the time to find the perfect words down to the I love you’s.

When this tree is removed from box your granddaughter will be left with amazement. An apple tree just for her, gifting her health, wealth and happiness for evermore. This amazing full of life tree can be grown anywhere in the world and still produce beautiful, full-size fruits that will be handy as she gets older experimenting with baking fresh apple pies.

This is one gift that will be there to preserve your moment with your granddaughter up until the day she gets married and has her own family, the stories that she will have about this tree, the recipes that will come from it and the fresh fruits to make an amazing salad. This is one apple tree will be present at her wedding and she might even get married under the tree.

A little more about the PlantOGram Anna Apple tree: 

  • Delivered in a custom 5 ft box
  • Wrapped with premium burlap, and tied with a 4” silk like bow
  • Can be grown in a container and still harvest fresh fruit from
  • Big impact gift
  • Will definitely preserve any moment

Contributor: Vicky Popat from PlantOGram 

#18 Raddish Cooking Club for Kids

Raddish is the latest must-have cooking curriculum for kids, providing the perfect opportunity to learn and create as a family. A great experiential gift for blossoming foodies, Raddish fosters culinary skills while simultaneously getting children excited about healthy food (I'm looking at you, broccoli). 

This interactive monthly kit includes comprehensive guides, with everything from math and science lessons to dinnertime conversation starters. Raddish is the ideal gift; it provides fun learning activities for your grandchildren, as well as bonding time in the kitchen for you. 

Contributor: Jennifer Parnell from Raddish

#19 The Field Kids Toy Creative Play

The Field toy helps inspire real world, screen-free, and imaginative play. This must-have field toy is free of batteries and features lush green grass, hedging, traditional wooden farm gates, farm animals, a tractor, and more! 

Creative play is proven to have intellectual, emotional and social benefits, and The Field toy is the perfect way to help boys and girls ages 3+ get away from the screens and use their own ingenuity to develop a farm world right in front of their eyes. It is available in two sizes: the original Field, 26” x 17”, as well as a Half Acre Field, 12” x 17”. 

Contributor: Padraic Cuddy from The Field

#21 Pet me (Division Board Game)

This is my favorite game for a simple reason that it goes around animals. I think it is important for parents to make sure they give the right values to their kids from the beginning and this game hits the right spot. It revolves around the division and gives them an idea of giving and how important it is. This game is for kids 8 years and above. 

Contributor: Anvisha Singh from LogicRoots 

#24 Bullied at the Dog Park by Heather Lehrman

This book is good for all children to teach them how to treat people with kindness and how to understand those who don't act with empathy. 

Bullied at the Dog Park is based on a real-life incident Heather's own Boston Terrier, Herbie, had when he encountered a much larger dog at the dog park one day. The book follows Herbie's journey of learning why he was bullied, what bullying means and what he can do about it.

Contributor: Debra Caruso Marrone from DJC Communications

#25 Silk Pillowcase for Hair Zippered Luxury

Hair stylists, beauticians and dermatologists recommend silk pillowcases to keep hair smooth and skin moisturized and clear. 

Keeping tresses tamer and more moisturized – and it happens as while you're sleeping. : ) What a great gift for granddaughters! 

Celestial Silk is headquartered and maintains inventory in the US. As a seller of luxury goods, they understand that they have a social obligation - They donate 10% of proceeds to local charities and programs, including KIVA and KARM. 

Contributor: Danielle Jackson from Celestial Silk

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