Suede Microfiber Beach Towel (4/50)

Does your granddaughter love to go to the beach or is a swimmer? Looking for a gift with a difference?

This is not your ordinary towel! Girls of all ages love them!

SILKY SOFT & VIBRANT DESIGNS – Designed with luxury, style, and comfort in mind, your granddaughter will love these eye-catching, vibrant cabana striped beach towels and will be the envy of all her friends at the beach and pool. They’re super soft with a silky suede feel too so if she has sensitive skin these are perfect.

FOR GIRLS WHO DON’T LIKE SAND AT THE BEACH! The high-tech densely woven fabric repels sand far better than regular cotton and even standard microfiber. Just give it a good shake and the sand falls right off!

QUICK TO DRY – The high tech ultra-absorbent suede microfiber will pat her skin dry in seconds like a chamois, then the towel itself dries 5 x faster than a regular towel. It’s perfect for the beach, gym, pool or anywhere else she will get wet.

A BIG TOWEL THAT FOLDS SMALLER suede microfiber is a thin fabric so it folds down to ¼ the size of a regular cotton towel. At 70 x 31, it’s an extra large towel when rolled out. She will love that she can lay on it, wrap it around her and even use as a beach blanket. Ultra-lightweight and compact it’s the perfect size for her beach or swim bag. For those granddaughters who are heading off soon on an overseas adventure, they are the ideal towel to travel with!

EASY CARE! Due to the towels quick drying and sand proof qualities, you don’t need to wash it after every use. The colorfast, chlorine resistant fabric makes it extremely easy to wash and care for.

Priced under $20 it’s the perfect gift for any age, toddlers or teens!

Contributor: Nat Dwyer from NewLyfe Simply Living

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. These towels are awesome!!! I’ve bought them to take away with us! As a family of five they save a heap of space! Our 3 teens love them!!!

  2. These are seriously the best towels. I got them for my three kids last Christmas and they LOVE them, so easy to take in a bag or pack to go on holidays and quick to dry!

  3. I just bought 4 of these for the family! They are awesome! Don’t think I’ll ever take another towel to the beach or pool 🙂

  4. I have these towels, they are showstoppers! So many people have asked me where I bought them. So great for traveling because they take up half the space of standard towels. Plus they dry so much faster. Newlyfe towels make such a great gift.

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