PlantOGram Anna Apple Tree Variety Grafted (17/50)

Gifting your granddaughter a PlantOGram Anna Apple tree is a gift that she will never forget about. From the moment it arrives in a gorgeous 5-foot box, reading the card that her grandparents took the time to find the perfect words down to the I love you’s.

When this tree is removed from box your granddaughter will be left with amazement. An apple tree just for her, gifting her health, wealth and happiness for evermore. This amazing full of life tree can be grown anywhere in the world and still produce beautiful, full-size fruits that will be handy as she gets older experimenting with baking fresh apple pies.

This is one gift that will be there to preserve your moment with your granddaughter up until the day she gets married and has her own family, the stories that she will have about this tree, the recipes that will come from it and the fresh fruits to make an amazing salad. This is one apple tree will be present at her wedding and she might even get married under the tree.

A little more about the PlantOGram Anna Apple tree: 

  • Delivered in a custom 5 ft box
  • Wrapped with premium burlap, and tied with a 4” silk like bow
  • Can be grown in a container and still harvest fresh fruit from
  • Big impact gift
  • Will definitely preserve any moment

Contributor: Vicky Popat from PlantOGram 

Written by Ben Skute

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