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Marketing 101: 5 Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

So you want to start content marketing? Here are 5 ways in which your business can benefit from content marketing, as explained by marketing experts from around the globe.

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#1 Traffic And Backlinks

Content marketing can bring a ton of traffic from search engines. In fact, it's one of the best and fastest ways to increase your rankings and grow your business. It gives you content that can attract backlinks to your site. Most people won't link directly to landing pages or product pages, but they're happy to link to valuable content.

It teaches your readers. And in doing so, you build trust with them and have an easier time selling to them. In fact, I've had dozens of clients come to me after reading an article, and they were ready to buy without me even having to sell them, because my content did all the selling for me.

Contributors: Bill Widmer from The Wandering RV

#2 Trust, Authority, and SEO!

  1. Establish yourself as an expert. Publishing content regularly on your website positions yourself as an expert in your field. By publishing content, you’re showing people you know what you’re talking about, which helps build credibility for you and your business.
  2. Build Trust with your (potential) customers. When you publish content regularly on your site, you’re able to help your website viewers trust you more. If the content you’re publishing really shows that you know what you’re talking about, you’ll have a better chance of winning business from your website visitors.
  3. SEO. Publishing content on your site regularly will help improve your rankings in Google search and get you to show up for more search queries. Increased rankings will help get more relevant traffic to your site, and therefore, more business.

Contributor: Andrew Schutt from Elevated Web Marketing

#3 Audience Engagement

Content marketing and social media are perfect for one another and they are powerful when combined. I have found that one of the best uses of social media is to be useful to your followers by giving them content that they enjoy seeing in their social media feeds.

Not only will you see engagement levels go up, but conversions as well. You need to be inherently useful to your followers. Not just kind of useful but truly useful and they will keep you close to them. These social platforms are unprecedented because they put businesses and their friends together and their friends aren't constantly trying to sell to them, so you shouldn't either.

Give them something that is useful to them, and they'll be happy to complete a lead capture form, subscribe to your e-mail list or follow you on social networks. These permission-based marketing vehicles allow small businesses to continually engage with these potential clients and win business.

Contributors: Jayme Pretzloff from Wixon Jewelers

#4 Capture Potential Sales

Content marketing is exceedingly important for boosting your company's SEO ranking, which allows you to appear further up within Google search and could ultimately help you to capture potential sales. When writing content for a blog, whether it's a company blog or personal blog, be sure not to write for yourself, write for your audience and what they want and they're interested in. Remove yourself and your personal interests and opinions, even though that can be difficult at times it's key to successful blog writing.

Additionally, planning out all content ahead of time and creating an editorial calendar will help to create consistency that your readers will both appreciate and become accustomed to. Make sure to be flexible and stay on your toes for any trending topics that arise that you can piggyback off of to keep content current. Be ready to write something quickly before the trending topic passes!

Another tip is to always research the topic online that you're going to write about to get inspiration for what people are searching for, related searches to that topic, and thus how to make your blog post as relevant and on-trend as possible which will ultimately keep readers engaged and wanting more.

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#5 Optimization through Content Marketing

Content marketing is beneficial because it is one of the most important, effective digital advertising strategies that a business owner can implement once they get serious about conversion optimization in the eCommerce sector. Content marketing is popular and can bring in the results your business has been looking for. The best advice for business owners to produce a solid content marketing strategy is researching your audience, make it textually scanable, optimize engagement, and keep your site in excellent condition. I would love to share any further insight with you in regards to digital marketing.

Contributors: Gacia Atachian from Kobe Digital

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Written by Ben Skute