Capture Potential Sales (4/5)

Content marketing is exceedingly important for boosting your company’s SEO ranking, which allows you to appear further up within Google search and could ultimately help you to capture potential sales. When writing content for a blog, whether it’s a company blog or personal blog, be sure not to write for yourself, write for your audience and what they want and they’re interested in. Remove yourself and your personal interests and opinions, even though that can be difficult at times it’s key to successful blog writing.

Additionally, planning out all content ahead of time and creating an editorial calendar will help to create consistency that your readers will both appreciate and become accustomed to. Make sure to be flexible and stay on your toes for any trending topics that arise that you can piggyback off of to keep content current. Be ready to write something quickly before the trending topic passes!

Another tip is to always research the topic online that you’re going to write about to get inspiration for what people are searching for, related searches to that topic, and thus how to make your blog post as relevant and on-trend as possible which will ultimately keep readers engaged and wanting more.

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Written by Ben Skute

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