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Marketing Strategies Utilized by Top Real Estate Agents

The marketing strategy utilized by top real estate agents can be a critical factor in the success or even failure of their business. This strategy will allow them to make more money and stay in business for many years. Real estate agent marketing strategies can vary because there are no one size fits all approach.

However, there are several things that all top real estate agents do well. By looking at their actual marketing strategies and seeing how they differ from each other, agents can utilize tactics that will increase their success in the industry.

Marketing Strategies Utilized by Top Real Estate Agents

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the primary source for new clients. Posting new properties on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is an excellent way to target people in the local area.

Potential buyers frequently use social media to choose real estate agents to list their homes because it has the additional benefit of being cost-free to use. Many top real estate agents utilize Facebook regularly. Many agents post to their social media sites twice a day.

2. Door-knocking

Professional real estate agents are often out talking to potential clients in person. Showing a real estate agent’s face and asking them questions is an excellent way to start the conversation with a potential client. Real estate agents also use this as an opportunity to obtain leads for future marketing strategies.

If a prospective home buyer has already purchased from an agent, this will likely translate into more work for that agent, so look for agents that make good use of door-knocking as part of their marketing strategy.

3. Pop by Gifts

One sure-fire way to generate interest is to give gifts. This practice is often seen in other industries, but many real estate agents consider it the most effective marketing strategy. Real estate agents are often known for giving branded gifts to home buyers, such as golf balls and even a membership card to the country club for their closing celebration.

Companies that offer products or services in the real estate field may also provide promotional items. T-shirts with the company logo or even red lipstick are things that a top real estate agent may give away to clients.

4. Joining Local Business Groups

A top real estate agent will work hard to ensure their business reputation is good and reach out to the local community. They can do a lot of this through networking with local businesses.

Getting involved in organizations like the Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce is a sign of a top real estate agent. It is a great way to get their name out there and develop relationships that may generate future clients.

5. Sending Postcards

One of the most effective ways to generate leads is through postcard campaigns. Real estate postcards are a great way to advertise your business because they are seen regularly by the general public.

They are also cheap and do not require large budgets. It is essential that an agent appropriately chooses their demographics when writing out these postcards, so be sure to read over them before sending them.

6. Hosting Client Events

Professional real estate agents will often host client events for potential clients. It could be a fun event that benefits the community, such as a charity golf tournament.

Real estate agents tend to focus on giving back to their community and will often organize events like charity auctions or other good fundraisers for the community. The community benefits and the clients get the bonus of having a great time.

Benefits of Using These Marketing Strategies

1. Less Time Spent on Empty Leads

When using marketing strategies that work and can be tracked, the real estate agent will spend less time chasing down empty leads and more time talking to potential clients. A top real estate agent always wants to talk to those buyers who are serious about the process or have already put a deposit down. Using these strategies, they can weed out the prospects that would not have purchased a home from them regardless of what they did.

2. Better Reputation

Using marketing strategies that work will help improve an agent’s reputation. They can do this by networking with local businesses, community service, and other ways.

A top real estate agent will have an excellent reputation and business name in their community and a long list of satisfied clients. It will allow them to stay in business for years, contributing to the long-term success of a real estate agent’s sales figures.

3. Improved Service

The top real estate agents use marketing strategies to provide their clients with the best possible service. Everyone wants to be in good hands when buying or selling a home.

By taking the time upfront to ensure that the home buyer is serious about purchasing and using social media correctly, an agent will produce a better product for their clients. It will lead to more business and a better relationship with that client.

4. Creates Brand Loyalty

Sending direct mail postcards and giving out branded products is a great way to get someone to remember you for future business. Even if the client does not purchase from that agent, they will likely remember them as the one who sent them a t-shirt or golf ball. It can lead to future business opportunities while selling other homes in the community.

5. Creates Desire to Buy

Postcards with the agent’s name and image on them are a fantastic way to pique someone’s interest in purchasing. Many people will look to see who represents an area or neighborhood they are interested in buying or want to avoid. It can create a desire for your services and give other agents some competition.

A top real estate agent that uses these strategies effectively should always be able to account for 90% of the sales of new homes in their area, even if they are not listing them.

6. Leads to Better Personal Investing

Top real estate agents are always thinking about their future and their children’s futures. They find ways to invest in their own business and promote the company in a way that benefits them directly. While this does create extra work for the agent, it also helps them build a successful career for themselves.

7. More Exposure

As agents become more successful and start marketing themselves effectively, they will start being nominated for industry awards or featured in local news stories online or on television. It makes them even more well-known and will drive more business to them.


A real estate agent is integral to the home buying and selling process. They help their clients buy a home often at an emotional time in their lives, which allows them to build strong relationships with them.

It is an excellent position for someone who is outgoing and likes to deal with people regularly. When choosing the best real estate marketing strategies for your career, think about what you have to offer that other agents do not.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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