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What Is Causing Your Bad Breath?

Bad breath is caused by many things. They can be natural and self-inflicted. The natural means are having oral bacteria, dry mouth, infection, postnasal drip, and other medical reasons. For the self-induced ones, taking tobacco substances and having poor eating habits are among the most known reasons.

Symptoms Of Bad Breath

Having bad breath is one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to anyone. It could cause the inability to socialize with people comfortably and even put one into a state of depression. As terrible as bad breath is, many people have been unable to unravel the reason behind having bad breath, known as halitosis. Many people like to chew gum and use breath mints as a solution. These solutions are good but only provide short term resolution to this problem.

What Are The Causes Of Bad Breath?

Oral Bacteria

Oral bacteria is often caused by poor hygiene, and it occurs when there are particles of food left around the teeth after eating. As a result, the food particles become plaque and produce a foul smell, thus resulting in bad breath. If quick care is not provided, it can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis.

To tackle it, it is advisable to brush the teeth at least twice daily by using a good toothbrush that can easily penetrate the nooks and crannies of the mouth. Also, while brushing, it is best to scrub the tongue to remove the sticky white substances usually left on it. Another preventive measure is by using flossing methods. In addition to that, mouthwash helps keep the mouth fresh. You can also schedule a dental appointment to keep up to date with the condition of your mouth


Smoking is often associated with bad breath, and all smokers are not exempted regardless of how often they smoke.

To have a fresh breath, it is advisable to stop tobacco intake in all forms and make sure regular support is received from a dental proffesional.

Certain Food /Drinks

Surprisingly, bad breath can also be obtained by the food or drinks that we ingest. Among the foods that are connected to having bad breath include coffee and garlic. However, the smell is temporal because as soon as they are absorbed into the bloodstream, the smells evaporate, although, pending the time they are absorbed, they can produce a foul smell

To rid yourself of the temporary bad breath after consuming these food and drink products, it is better to always go about with a mouthwash if it is a must to consume them.

Dry mouth

A dry mouth is another thing that causes bad breath. This occurs when the mouth is not producing enough saliva to keep the mouth fresh and wash away the excess food left around the teeth after eating. Also, dry mouth occurs in people who breathe through their mouth because saliva evaporates quickly when breathing comes through the oral cavity, especially while sleeping. It is normal for a majority of people to open their mouths, and when they wake up, they discover that they have a dry mouth with bad breath. This is not uncommon and can simply be resolved by cleaning the mouth upon awakening.

It is good to take a large amount of water in intervals. Not only that, but ensure that you position your body to prevent your mouth from opening while sleeping.


It is normal to have bad breath after removing a tooth, whether by dentist intervention or natural means. This is because bacteria can easily enter the tooth hole after having an extraction, and if care is not taken, an infection can enter your gum. Also, the infection can come whether as a result of injury or health conditions

Your dentist is expected to give you antibiotics to help to prevent this. However, if it is not effective and you experience chronic bad breath for some days, go back to your dentist to re-clean and examine your gums.

Postnasal Drip

In a situation whereby you have sinusitis or inflammation of the sinuses, you can experience having mucus stalked at the back of your throat, which can attract bacteria. To worsen the situation, you add the nasal drip bad breath to it. This can cause many discomforts.

Ensure you drink lots of water. Apart from that, make sure you often take a decongestant that is effective against sinusitis. However, if your case is critical and it persists for over a week, quickly seek your doctor’s attention.

Medical Conditions

In some cases, bad breath is associated with having medical conditions such as tonsil stone, chronic bronchitis, kidney or liver problems, diabetes, respiratory tract infection, and many more.

See your doctor immediately to ascertain whatever reason you are experiencing this issue and stick to the medical recommendations given after evaluation.


Bad breath is one of those things everyone wants to avoid. You can do this by following preventive measures and making sure that your breath is kept fresh throughout the day. If you’d like to know more about keeping your fresh breath, you can check out this dentist who does Invisalign and dental implants in Woodbridge for professional advice.

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