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LED Teeth Whitening: How it Works

The process of teeth whitening is aimed at lightening the color of the teeth, and this is achieved by either a physical removal of stains in the teeth or by using chemicals that help to whiten the teeth. The LED teeth whitening process involves using tooth whitening solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, as well as LED (light-emitting diode) light to help whiten the teeth. It is recommended to have this treatment done in a dental office but there are in-home options as well.

How Does It Work?

It starts by first treating the teeth with some chemicals that contain bleaching features. After that, the LED light is applied, and it is used to activate the whitening solutions that are applied, and it also starts the chemical reaction. During this process, there is an interaction, and the LED light enters the enamel, thereby helping to remove all stains. LED light is known to be very efficient. Apart from that, it is said to be more durable when compared to other light sources. Another quality you can find about them is that they do not have a warm-up time. Also, they do not switch on straight away when they are at the peak of their intensity.

Chemical Reaction Between The LED Light And The Whitening Gel Ingredients

It works with tooth whitening agents to whiten teeth free of stains, and this is done by activating the whitening agent as well as the chemical reaction. However, LED light on its own is not capable of whitening the teeth. However, it acts as a strong support for whitening the teeth more rapidly when it is combined with whitening agents.

How Safe Is The LED Whitening For Home Use?

It is made to be safe for at-home use, and the best result is obtained when the manufacturers’ process of use is strictly followed. However, it is best recommended to consult your dentist before using it. The reason for this is that it does not work for everyone. It is solely based on the lifestyle of the person using or intending to use it as well as what led to the stains on their teeth. It has a much more reliable result on yellowish teeth than on the brownish or the grey-colored ones.

The In-Office Whitening Process

The first thing a dental professional will do is clean your teeth. This is followed by measuring the shade of your teeth as well as comparing it to the result of the whitening process. Also, the dentist will hold your lips from the teeth with a cheek retractor to help apply the gel to protect your gum. This follows with the application of the gel to your gum and aiming the blue light at your teeth. The color of the teeth is checked after rinsing the mouth. In some cases, the process of applying the gel might be repeated to get more improvement in the whitening that is to a patient’s desired result.

Benefits Of Using LED Whitening For Teeth

  • The teeth become whiter
  • Users have the opportunity of doing it at home rather than visiting their dentist
  • It is very cheap to use
  • It has no UV radiation
  • It is less painful doing it professionally in the long run

Demerits Of Using LED Light Whitening For Teeth

  • However, as good and as easy to use, there is no one-way result of using it. This is because the result is based on the cause of discoloration of the teeth.
  • The result when done at home is gradual when compared to the one carried out by a professional
  • The teeth are prone to sensitivity afterwards
  • There might be an occurrence of gum irritation when the bleaching agents touch the sensitive tissues in the mouth
  • Permanent damage can be done to teeth when the user has abused the whitening agents or when you use too much of it at once. Also, if it stays for a longer period of time than recommended, it can have negative effects


LED light treatment is one of the processes of getting confident with white teeth, and it is versatile in the sense that it can be used both at home or with the help of your dentist. However, certain steps need to be taken to get the best result. LED whitening and other whitening agents can be bought both on the counter as well as ordering from online sellers. However, users need to find out about the one that is suitable for them if they are doing it at home. To find out more about LED light teeth whitening, contact Southport Dental Care. Alternatively, you can also reach out to this expert dentist in Keene if you live near the area.

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