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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Music Stand for Your School

School is not just a place for learning facts. It’s also a podium for nurturing talents, including music. Thus, schools should invest in the best tools to help bring out musical talents among students. For example, they should invest in the best music stands for their talented songbirds.

This guide shares insights on how to buy the best music stand for schools. Read on to get the best your students deserve as they develop their musical potential at a young age.


Durability is one of the key factors to consider when choosing a music stand to help nurture young musical talent in school. The reason is that young musicians with a lower responsibility level will be using this tool. Thus, they are most likely to mishandle it. For example, the stand could fall.

Therefore, it should be durable enough to undergo all these things without getting unsightly marks. This way, you can continue using it without distracting your audience’s attention from the musician. Remember, the audience shouldn’t focus on your scratched or damaged stand.


Your chosen music stand should also be flexible enough to accommodate any possible angle your school music band can bend. It should allow for easier tilting in any direction—forward or backward.


All music stands are designed to hold light materials like booklets, violins, or pieces of paper. However, that doesn’t mean the stand should also be “paper weight” just because your school band won’t use it to hold heavy items. The lightweight nature may look tempting, but it’s equally counterproductive.

An excellent music stand should have enough weight to allow it to stand steadily. It should weigh at least three kilos but it shouldn’t exceed five kilos. Otherwise, it will lose stability and tip over while your team is using it. How would you feel if a music stand tipped over and scattered the leaflets that were holding your school band’s notes? So, a good stand should balance portability with stability.


Don’t forget to factor in height when sourcing for a great music stand for your school’s music band. The stand’s use will significantly determine its exact or ideal height. For example, if you intend a seated instrumentalist to use the stand, height might not be a big deal. However, consider height matters if you intend standing performers to use it.


You have to factor in the ease of traveling with or moving the music stand when your students are performing. This factor is critical because your school band will need to carry its instruments to different places during a performance. For instance, students may need to travel to perform at school music festivals.

Therefore, getting music stands that are easy to disassemble and store easily is a big advantage. A portable stand is also perfect when rehearsing on the go. So, take this factor seriously.

Ease of Adding Accessories

Don’t forget the ease of adding or using the stand with accessories. A perfect stand should allow you to add accessories like stand lights, headphone hangers, and double shelves. These accessories are ideal for giving your band the best experience during a performance.


Lastly, consider the stand’s width before choosing it. This factor is critical, especially if your school’s band members will flip through numerous pages. Adequate width will ensure that booklet pages aren’t flopping over during a performance.

There you have all the little secrets to get you the best music stand for your school’s young music band. It’s up to you to use this information to get the best value for your school’s money.

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