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Best Beaches You Can Tour for Your Holidays in Vietnam

Vietnam has the pride of owning 2,000 miles of coastal line, all well tamed for touristic attractions treasures. Naturally, Vietnam is home to spectacular waterfalls, sparkling beaches and breathtaking venues all meant to make tourists relax and enjoy the surrounding in a special way. With hundreds of beaches to tour in, you could be wondering what the best beaches are to visit. You can read the guidelines below to find out about the best beaches you can visit.

Con Dao

Located on the Southern Coast of Vietnam, this is an archipelago of 16 islands. It contains some of the best modern beaches surrounded by thick rain forests. Many people love it because of the coral reefs, diverse marine life and whitey sand beaches that all serve to your amusement. For those who would like to experience the release of baby sea turtles, you can head straight to Bay Canh island where there is the occasion happens only once a year. If you love the beach life and enjoy some of the well-organized boat rides, this is the place for you to be in.

Ha Long Bay

Its beauty is epitomized by the overgrown limestone structures and the calm waters. Though it looks foggy when looked from a distant, no doubt it is a real beauty when viewed from a close range. It was named among the best UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most common beach here is the Bai Chay. This is an artificial beach that was built and equipped with some state of the art facilities to tame luxury, comfort and unique feeling and deliver it to the tourists who visit the place. You can see more options for your trip to Halong Bay on the  BestPrice Travel website – a reputed local travel company.

Phu Quoc

Do you love seeing the dimming of the sun rays as the sun is setting? Well, you can have this experience in this beach as the beach contains some of the private beach sections where tourists can sit and enjoy the luxury. Located in Cambodia, this beach is nestled in the Gulf of Thailand. You can enjoy swimming, boat rides and also have an unparalleled experience of viewing the diverse aquatic creatures. Sao Beach and Khem Beach are some of the most wonderful beaches that you can tour in this region. All are white sand beaches, well-maintained and with some seats to make you relax while enjoying the panoramic views of the place.

Da Nang

This was once a French Colonial Port. From its official duties as a port, it was immensely upgraded into a recreation venue where tourists from across the globe can come and have fun in the area. Fans of water sports are advised to visit the Khe Beach because it is the home to favorite water games like snorkeling, surfing and boat rides as well as swimming. The site is also near stunning Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park where you can tour and enjoy seeing some of the treasures confined in that place.

Doc Let

11 miles of white chalk beaches known for their extremely blue waters. The water is calm at the shores so you can always enjoy a swimming experience. Lots of fun normally happens including boat rides, excellent surfing experience and a lot of snorkeling. If you would like to enjoy the best outcomes, you need to have a travel agency that will make sure all your activities are well programmed and arranged.


Beaches are the best option to every person who wants to have a summer holiday. Here, you will enjoy the best moments because while the weather is hot, you either relax on a shade or immerse yourself in the waters both of which make your body to feel nice.


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