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Top 5 Cities With Amazing Beaches to Study Spanish

 In today’s world, it is necessary to speak more than one language, especially in the work environment. Although there are several globally recognized languages, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken worldwide.

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries; it is spoken in eighteen Americas in Spain and Equatorial Guinea. Speaking Spanish will open many job doors for you; since learning a second or third language adds value to your professional career.

Studying a language in its home country is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to learn it. Being surrounded by people speaking that language allows you to learn not only while attending class or studying on your own but also by being in contact with the culture and the people. Listening to the language constantly and communicating using it in your daily environment makes your learning multiply.

One of the benefits of studying abroad is that you learn more straightforwardly, almost without realizing it. That is why many people choose to study Spanish in some Hispanic cities. There are many schools and courses worldwide offering different learning programs for students from abroad, like, for example, the Spanish school Barcelona (+ info). The city of Barcelona is one of the favorites when it comes to studying abroad. However, there are many other cities where people can go to check, and the best thing is that they all have amazing beaches to enjoy while learning.

Barcelona, Spain

If you choose to learn Spanish in Barcelona, you will find yourself immersed in Spanish culture. This city allows you to explore Spain very quickly because it has quick access to the rest of the country. It is an experience that will enable you to enrich your personal and professional life, and you will enjoy every second of it. Taking a Spanish course in Barcelona is an invitation to merge with the people, the culture, and the customs of the city. Still, above all, it is an invitation to experience tons of fun on some of the best beaches of Spain. You can relax by wetting your feet on the paradisiacal beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the perfect environment to hang out with friends, grab some drinks and food till sunset, and spend the rest of the night in some bar on the beach. The climate is fabulous almost all year long, but especially in spring and summer.

If you decide to study Spanish in Barcelona, you will experience a wide range of cultural and sports activities. There are also many local festivals you can attend which will facilitate the learning. The exciting thing is that you continue to learn from the moment you leave the classroom, every day, in every activity you engage in. You will be practicing the language every minute of the day during your stay.

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is one of the most famous cities in northern Spain, and it is famed for its beaches. Here you will find one of the best beaches in the country: “La Concha,” and first-class restaurants. The city offers you a fantastic selection of cultural events and a strong local tradition. The old town is packed with landmarks around its impressive cathedral, and the offer of restaurants, markets, and shops seem never to end. Plus, it is considered by culinary experts around the world as the gastronomic capital of Europe.

As its name suggests, La Concha bay, shaped like a shell, is surrounded by shopping streets and pintxos bars, and Zurriola Beach is the liveliest in San Sebastian, a favorite destination for surfers.

This city offers the best of the beach and the town. Whether for those who want to relax, sightsee or have fun, it more than meets all expectations.

In addition, it’s only 30 minutes from France, making it an excellent option for those looking to explore the Spanish-French Basque Country.

Whether you decide to take Spanish courses in Barcelona or San Sebastian, you will leave excellent speaking Spanish and enough experience to become an expert in the Hispanic culture.

Malaga, Spain

Malaga is one of the Spanish cities that has gained the most popular in recent years. It is located in Andalusia, and it has beautiful beaches, incredible year-round weather, and rich Arab history. It is a great place to study Spanish and work.

This city is not as big as Barcelona to walk or bike to most of the attractions. In addition, it is very well connected with other major cities in Europe and with beautiful beaches along the Costa del Sol, making it an excellent destination for beach lovers. In a city like Malaga, you will be able to live an unforgettable experience in every way while you learn Spanish. You can also do professional internships if you wish.

Malaga is a city whose main engine is tourism. The Costa del Sol is the favorite destination of many tourists who want to spend a few days in a pleasant climate, enjoying its rich gastronomy and beaches. Therefore, in this city, you may find a wide variety of job offers in the tourism sector.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for its coasts that offer a wide variety of white sand beaches to practice various water activities such as surfing, diving, or boat trips.

Tamarindo is a beautiful beach located in the northwest of Costa Rica, with incredible beaches with crystal clear waters and surrounded by nature. It is a true tropical paradise!
In addition, this place has some of the best beaches for surfing, so some courses allow you to learn Spanish and surf in a couple of weeks.

Havana, Cuba

This city is a journey back in time; it is rediscovering the history of a country that has lived through many social struggles and has gone through a lot. This island is a destination that draws a lot of attention due to its beauty; the culture is pleased, very full of optimism.

Havana undoubtedly has a lot to offer; it has delicious dishes, one of the most recognized drinks globally, such as the mojito, and amazing beaches. In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, postcard-worthy tropical paradises abound.

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